Healing by Design – Bring to Life Your Best Version

My colour block is black. But many love it and I sometimes wear it. Between these soul dichotomies, colours always promote responses which are translated into behaviours. Healing is about that – changing personal behaviours, moods and setting the tone for a relaxing evening. by LUÍS DE OLIVEIRA10 February 2023

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Are we wearing our strongest suit?

Fashion has no limits when it comes human’s embodied experiences of self-construction and self-discovery. And so, this identity construction is always – as it should be – explored in movies to build characters, social situations and epochs. This is the first publication of a new rubric that intents to Undressing Cinema. It explores the psychosocial…

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Style with Love

For sure there are clothes that we love, & probably, these make the best looks and the best days of our lives while extending those feelings for eternity. Am I right? So, here you will find the possible determinants that link the brain to aesthetic emotion & how to apply it to clothes to have…

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COVER | Ivo Cardoso MakeUp at the Backstage of Pé de Chumbo at Portugal Fashion FW19/20

Alexandra Oliveira is the fashion designer of the brand Pé de Chumbo and during the FW19/20 edition of Portugal Fashion Week, I tried to find ways for us to change the fashion world when it comes to its influence in the environment & our own health {indirectly or directly}! See my interview with this amazing designer that transformed ocean garbage into dazzling dresses & coats, between other amazing pieces for our winter. Besides that, you will find – of course – the best backstage moments of Pé de Chumbo.
I hope you did like our #fashionweeksdiet intervention alongside with Alexandra Oliveira. ❤ Luís de Oliveira | #DOliveiraFashionDoctor #ChiefCreativeOfficer @Official Press