The truth hides in details. From what you see to what you feel, there are infinite versions born through authentic feelings. Those versions tell the stories hidden deep in our true selves. But it makes me think: is the truthful perspective perceived?! I am not exactly sure how this blog post will end. However, one thing is for sure: get ready to enter the age of pervasive digital reproduction while finding how to speak your truth through THE arty toy that will make your dopamine rise happily.

04 May 2023

Emotions are an essential part of our lives, & as so, it becomes a great challenge to all creators. Therefore, the emotional aspects of our community and targeted population must be a priority while communicating our personal stories and developing marketing projects. This stimulus-response paradigm is complex. It is not just about the psychological feelings, product features, funny pictures, or even the life moments and stories which all of us can relate to. It is also about the social and cultural contexts of a single person & if there is an emotion elicitation and recognition.

Photographed by Helmut Newton, Vogue, January 1973
Photographed by Arthur Elgort, Vogue, December 1992. 
Photographed by David Luraschi, Vogue, August 2018

As someone who values emotions and who tries to see both sides of every situation (which sometimes can be overwhelming and end feel indecisive), I have always emphasised the importance of well-planned work, where every element of the team know exactly the mood, the intention, and the vision. Also, communicating clearly the identity of my blog and the project briefings are keys to my success as a blogger. Lately, I have been trying new ways to communicate our stories – personal ones & branding storytelling – while aiming to improve the perception of my community about what they read or watch through my blog and related social media. Sticking to this principle, I found Beam!

But what is Beam? 

The platform Beamfounded in 2021 by David Hoffman – offers a unique way to discover brands, mood-boarding key moments, get inspired by unique perspectives and shop in company.


The new Arty Toy to play with your creativity! Organise your thoughts, define your goals & allow yourself to express your dreams through the tool. A good feeling rises in our hearts when visualising our aspirations, especially at a place where we can mix photos that inspire us with Instagram accounts we value, plus placing useful links (featuring products, voyages, dream houses, etc). Ready to try?

by Liv Buli

BEAM | where e-commerce, mood boards, design & shopping meet.

Revisiting Mood Boards

Mood boards. What?! Mood boards gather together images as a tool to represent emotional responses to a design brief, product, project, and so on. It is a visual and sensory instrument that helps to communicate with other professionals, clients and also with the self. It is a non-verbal medium communicating complex and delicate emotional qualities that are difficult to express through language.

Why mood boarding? The process of developing a mood board can stimulate insightful discussions, inspiring at the early stage of concept development. I like to use this tool to plan my communication from visuals (choosing colour, style, selecting inspiring places or products, etc) to words and emotion in practice. In a personal way, we can plan our dining room, search for our perfect couch and understand our fashionable personae by developing a style collection. This is even special and rewarding when doing it through the free mood board platform Beam!

Beam & Interactive Technologies. Generally speaking, to support mood board making, various modalities of interactive technologies were applied to developing digital mood boards. At Beam, we can place links with images from Instagram, choose inspiring photos from our special collections in Pinterest – and even share the mood board at Pinterest – as well as, place the link to a special song from YouTube that tell our life stories and expressing to the world we are not the same…expressing we evolved! Mood boarding at Beam is the perfect way to leave behind the past and not look back while sharing that we found a new direction and develop a new wardrobe which can speak for itself.

Got myself a better wardrobe
I got something to say
I’m through with the past
Ain’t no point in looking back

Spinning Around, Kylie Minogue

Mood board making might allow us to better understand the emotional qualities behind our chosen collages, colours and facial expressions of featured people. Therefore, might help to understand our emotional state at that precise moment. It might translate that you are missing a friend, a specific place, etc. Also, it can show that you value a certain life experience. Plus, you can create a mood board to gift a friend while stating feelings, places and moments shared by the two of you. Comforting, right!?

It can be a constant reminder of your love and friendship – just as I did while doing my first mood board at Beam!

Co-create and social networking at Beam. One of the most amazing things that amuse me about Beam is that enables designers – or other professionals or general people – and the target population to co-create mood boards effectively. Mood boarding at Beam, you can share your collages/designs with its community just as you can do it with Instagram. So, you can discover deeper insights about what the community needs and aspirations towards what you are sharing. That can even contribute to understanding if the intentions behind the mood board are being recognised by the users or community. Another amazing feature that I love at Beam, is that at our profile we can share our blog/webpage, YouTube and other social media! It is like a creative portfolio! Love it!

In the end, mood boarding goes behind visual arts and its potential is still to be fully explored. Mood boards might be used as evaluation tools for investigating emotional experiences. Ready to dive into your true self and explore your emotions?! Let’s go & do not forget: you are BeYOUtiful.

Luís de Oliveira
d’Oliveira fashion doctor

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