PECHISBEQUE is the new collection!

From alchemy to the catwalk, Susana Bettencourt will present the autumn-winter 2023 collection at Portugal Fashion, today. As the PECHISBEK resemble gold, the 23’24 fall-winter presentation of Susana Bettecourt will surprise us with a moment where the brain is going to be tested with pieces that play with our visual perception. In fact, illusion is a perceptual alteration from the field of psychopathology in which the individual experiences a change in the amount or patterning of incoming stimuli accompanied by a diminished, exaggerated, distorted, or impaired response to such stimuli (Lee, H., & Kim, E.; 2021).

Video from the last time I interviewed Susana Bettencourt at Portugal Fashion!

Susana Bettencourt always amuse me how she plays with her collections & the state of being human. For sure – as fashion blogger, medical doctor & even a scholar of fashion related approaches through fashion – it is a sad that I am not able to be there to experience this moment & interview her for another amazing youtube moment.

The fashion show will be held today at 7 P.M. (Portugal). Let’s enjoy the moment through her Instagram @subettencourt.

Cover Illustration by Susana Bettencourt AW23’24 Collection

Posted by:Luís de Oliveira

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