For sure there are clothes that we love, & probably, these make the best looks and the best days of our lives while extending those feelings for eternity. Am I right? So, here you will find the possible determinants that link the brain to aesthetic emotion & how to apply it to clothes to have a #BeYOUtiful day.

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Basta acreditar que um novo dia vai raiar
Sua hora vai chegar…

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I have been researching for some time now about the relation between styling & self-love. Now, I am finally ready to share with you some tips that might help you to feel positive emotions.

In the scientific article “Art and Psychological Well-Being: Linking the Brain to the Aesthetic Emotion” (Mastandrea S., 2019), they say:

“Aesthetic experience concerns the appreciation of aesthetic objects and the resulting pleasure.”

Also, several psychological perspectives considered that aesthetics experience might be involved in the rewarding processes, and so, if well applied, it can promote health and psychological well-being while engaging motor systems via features that represent actions and emotions. Some of the determinants implied in the relationship between brain & aesthetic emotions are the knowledge about the subject (e.g. cloth) and perceived safety.
As a result, despite the need for more studies in this area, I believe that we can have a little faith & apply it to fashion. If we increase the knowledge about what we buy (e.g. who made it, who design it, the type of the textile & so on…) and if we perceive safety from that knowledge, we might develop positive feelings related to the cloth. Well, that might make your day a #BeYOUtiful day! Let’s try?

I did it. It works for me, especially when I need to increase my positive emotions! See now some of these moments.

I hope you try & let me know.

love, Luís de Oliveira
d’Oliveira fashion doctor

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Estiliza-te com Amor

Com certeza existem roupas que amamos e, provavelmente, elas nos fazem sentir fantásticos e ter os melhores dias de nossas vidas, assim como perpetuar esses sentimentos para a eternidade. Estou certo? Então, aqui vais encontrar os possíveis determinantes que vinculam o cérebro à emoção estética e como aplicá-lo à roupa para ter um dia #BeYOUtiful.
❤ Luís de Oliveira

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