Nowadays, many fashion brands are working with plus-size models in campaigns and on catwalks, however, didn’t extend sizing in stores – as reported by Vogue Business. Besides that issue, we could be questioning also the plus-size models chosen to perform the task! So the question is: do they really represent you?

I know that a person cannot represent a population. Therefore, I wonder: will the general population ever be represented by the fashion industry? Are we utopic? Also, are we selfish?

I wonder because each one of us is different & many times our perception of the body, facts and events will be always unique and very personal. As a result, is there a solution to represent all unique perceptions in a fashion show or store?! Certainly not!! But there are also many unique brands with unique concepts that can match our view & perceptions.

In this state of mind, another question arose my mind: are we able to open ourselves to search other brands that fit better our thoughts? Or will you be stocked in trying changing a brand that doesn’t want to be changed?

Well, we have the power & that starts in choosing to wear brands that are aligned with our personal identity and values!

Let me know what you think! I would love to further develop this subject while discussing & stating your opinion!

Luís de Oliveira
d’Oliveira fashion blog

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Modelos Plus-Size: Uma Falsa Esperança?

Nos dias de hoje não é raro vermos as famosas marcas de moda a quererem tornar-se mais apelativas através de várias ações de marketing, sendo a Inclusividade uma delas.

Na realidade, marcas como a Versace, Chanel ou Dolce & Gabbana estão a incluir nas suas campanhas modelos plus-size. Mas segundo a Vogue Business, poucas ou nenhumas transportam a representatividade para dentro das suas lojas, desiludindo aqueles que procuram o seu L ou XXL.

Além desta questão existem muitas outras, como é o exemplo da escolha do tipo de modelos plus-size que representam estas marcas. Será que estas modelos são representantes da nossa população? Será que mais uma vez nos querem vender o inatingível a partir de uma imagem que o nosso cérebro associa com determinadas causas “mais sensatas”? Pois, a discussão seria longa! Acima de tudo, bom senso…não só das próprias marcas, mas também nosso, enquanto consumidores. Porque não nos abrirmos a marcas que embora menos conhecidas, representam melhor não só o nosso corpo, mas também os nossos valores?! Porque insistir em mudar marcas que já têm um caracter tão vincado? Não será egoísta da nossa parte? Afinal, somos todos únicos e a representatividade acaba por ser uma utopia muitas vezes egocêntrica da nossa existência, pois num modelo ou marca nunca vão caber todos os detalhes da complexidade humana. Afinal de contas já há muito tempo se diz: “cada cabeça, sua sentença”.

❤ Luís de Oliveira

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Posted by:Luís de Oliveira

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4 replies on “Plus-size Models: Friend or Foe?

  1. As a woman who is 5’11”
    I find it hard finding clothes that fit! It’s frustrating because most models are tall and clothes are fitted for them on runway but in the store, it’s for average height mostly. Do you think this is true too?
    As for plus size, I feel the fashion has come a long way. We have so many more gorgeous models representing but I don’t like that if you are a size 12 you are considered plus size.

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    1. So many interesting questions you brought! When it comes to height, here in Portugal, I believe we have the opposite problem…I mean, most of population are short…I am 5’11” and I am considered tall for a Portuguese man. Besides that, when I buy jeans, many time I have to adjust the height in order to fit perfectly. I will explore further that question, because it is very interesting & I never read about that anywhere!
      Regarding the plus size…I agree too! But, I am afraid that most brands are just taking that step as a marketing strategy & not genuinely. I would say that I would prefer to buy clothing in a store/brand that has the same values as me (I mean, a brand that was build according with my lifestyle, body, mind), than from a brand that are trying to do it because of marketing strategy. Do you know what I mean?!
      Another important question you rose was the subjectivity related to size! I believe that it depends of the body image perception of each person. Right?! The psychological question behind this is very interesting. But, talking about solutions, how can we define plus size? Right?! Actually, in medical practice, we have our BMI (body mass index) to measure body fat) & that could be applied to establish what is a plus size number. As so, everything would be more linear.
      Many thanks for your insight! So delicious to read & to think about your interesting questions! Love, Luís

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      1. Wouldn’t it be great if the same outfits could be shown on different size women! Great topic! Love reading your blog. ❤️from 🇨🇦

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