There is a new accessory in our lives named The Shift and I adore it! I could write many things about it – I did it, I erased it. Then, I took a deep inhalation, paused and placed The Shift on my lips. Next, I naturally released the air & this article flowed.

The infinite moments of our life & how we face them help shape who we are. It is not only translated into how we dress but what we dress. Liberated from trends, the only mandatory item is value – not monetary, but emotional and social. We dress our values, emotions, strengths, and we should not be afraid to wear our deeper fragilities and hopes. We should take a deep breath and change. Change to the calmness of being who we are, so we can think better and feel better. Live in the best possible state of mind. 

Luckily for us, nowadays fashion allows us not only to express who we are through our clothing choices but also helps us to manage our fragilities and emotions. I am talking about the stylish pendant called The Shift from Komusō design which is redefining the functionality of accessories. This season, in its spring-summer 2021 accessories trend report, Vogue writes that we “don’t really need any accessories this season”. I would counter that they haven’t met the shift pendant, yet. 

In fact, since the end of 2019, humanity and society has been facing challenges that weaken our mental and physical health. I would claim that wearapy is more than welcome. Especially if it is a meaningful and beautiful accessory like The Shift. Besides that, if you look at the spring-summer 2022 fashion shows, you will discover that a pendant will be a key accessory for our days – & I adore it!

The Shift was created in 2017 by Todd & Vanessa Steinberg, husband and wife team, and co-founders of Komuso Design. This stunning pendant was inspired by the 17th century Komusō monks who created meditation using wooden flutes to slow their breath. In fact, breath control helps quell errant stress responses. If you are wondering, what am I talking about, keep in mind the physical effects of anxiety disorders: rapid breathing & breathlessness, sweating, heart palpitations, increased blood pressure, nausea or diarrhoea, chest pain, increased muscle tension, dizziness, decrease sexual drive and irritability.

Accessories – like The Shit – are the perfect lucky charm of any occasion. It is an accessory that goes amazingly with a variety of looks, which will be fantastic to make new happy memories. These positive memories can be brought to life when you need them to cheer yourself up. Personally, when I look at clothing, accessories or even perfume, the amazing memories lived while wearing them fills my day with joy – It is my AHHHHHH! moment.


The Shift is part of my self-love therapy. It is present when I meditate…when I need to calm down…when I want to revive joyful life moments past! It makes my looks even more appealing, fashionable and with functionality that liberates. Liberates from fear, from the time-space dimensions, from any worry while focusing just on one thing – my breathing.

If you want to know more, go to their website:

Meanwhile don’t forget, take a deep breath & keep #BeYOUtiful.

Luís de Oliveira
d’Oliveira fashion doctor

PHOTOGRAPHER | João Marcelino

PENDANT |  Komusō Design
SOCKS | Persona Clothing Limited

O acessório de moda que vai redefinir os acessórios

Existe um novo acessório nas nossas vidas. Chama-se The Shift! O The Shift é um pendente criado em 2017 pelo Todd e Vanessa Steinberg – marido e mulher – fundadores da marca Komuso Design. O pendente foi inspirado por um grupo de monges Japoneses do século XVII que criaram um tipo de meditação com flautas de madeira para estabilizar a respiração.

Apesar de não ser um conceito novo é sem dúvida aquilo que se pode chamar de reencarnação de um método antigo em tempos contemporâneos. Tempos estes que são desafiadores, tanto individualmente como coletivamente. Tempos que nos permitem ser o que queremos ser e vestir de acordo. Tempos em que a moda se reinventa a olhos de alguns e que se restringe em bocas de outros. Mas que no fim, de uma forma ou de outra, o curso do tempo-espaço segue fazendo nascer novas formas de pensar conceitos, vidas e até aquilo que usamos. A terapia para os nossos problemas contemporâneos vem de dentro, orientada por fora, e enforma tudo o que podemos imaginar. Este pendente – The Shift – é um desses exemplos.

Espero que tenham gostado desta novidade que vos trago e para saberem mais podem clicar em “translate to your #beyoutiful language” no rodapé da página.

❤ Luís de Oliveira

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