Paris…what a state of mind, what memories of Carie Bradshaw at les salons parisiens, while being in love with the selfish politician, remember?! What experiences & lessons we can learn in a single day in the city of fashion and now, I am here, writing from one of those salons and being in love with Paris Fashion Week Men’s SS18. #grateful



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3 meaningful words that reveal the spirit of a brand | Ralph Lauren


Here - in Portugal - it is about 2.20 a.m. & I just finished an superb fashion class from Universidade Luigi Bocconi with this inspiring video from Ralph Lauren about its IDENTITY & ESSENCE as a brand! After that, I just could think: I HAVE TO SHARE THIS WITH MY AMAZING COMMUNITY!

From there, you can see that brands & fashion are much more than clothes or jewellery! & as the designer Ralph Lauren said:

"I don't design clothes. I design dreams"

Doesn't it seems familiar?!

Well my great people, I hope you like it & you know:

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