Humans are unique visions. These visions are expressed through the aesthetics of the relationship between body & mind. Unfortunately, it is not everyone that understands the complexity of the concept of Be Human. However, few – & fortunately it is growing – works towards the uniqueness of humans while bringing all together to create one of the most brilliant fashion presentations that happened last week at the Milano digital Fashion Week – I am talking about Prada spring summer 2021 show.

Milano digital Fashion Week Spring Summer 2021 | Prada and Moschino presentations

The collection was presented in five chapters, which in turn were interpreted by five image-makers and artists – Terence Nance, Joanna Piotrowska, Martine Syms, Juergen Teller and Willy Vanderperre. They performed a true conversation which had the power to purify the mind through the black & white statement while bringing us closer to our strengths through the green tones touch. Besides that, the neuroaesthetics involved in this presentation engaged us to think about “the big picture” while undervaluing the details. Whatever, it applies to the collection itself or to the nowadays situation we live in, all that I have to say is Bravo!

Luís de Oliveira
Founder & Chief Creative Officer
d’Oliveira fashion doctor

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PRADA Spring Summer 2021 Fashion Show

Os seres humanos são visões únicas. Estas mesmas visões são expressas através da estética da relação entre corpo e mente. Infelizmente, nem todos compreendem a complexidade do conceito Ser Humano. No entanto, poucos – mas felizmente está a crescer – trabalham em prol da singularidade dos seres humanos e a aproveitam coletivamente. A PRADA foi a única que o fez, e com essa maestria nos apresentou um dos mais brilhantes shows de moda que aconteceram na Semana de Moda de Milão na semana passada. Vejam tudo no vídeo que fiz para vocês.
❤ Luís de Oliveira

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