Day 1 of Portugal Fashion Week FW1819 in Lisbon! Get inside my fashion moments!

Portugal Fashion could be just another star among the already packed galaxy of fashion weeks’ stars which fill the calendar of fashion. But, just as the girls from Sex & The City are unique as a group, Portugal Fashion brought together people, brands & concepts that you will only find during this week of the fashion world. Ready to know all about the #fashionmoments of this 1st day that happened in Lisbon two weeks ago?!

The 1st day of #portugalfashionweek was filled with many gratifying moments that touched my heart. I could talk about the amazing people from the Portuguese TV Media Industry & other fashion entities, but what I want to write about are the genuine gestures, cultural & human concepts that Portugal Fashion brought to me that day {experiences I could live & ponder about}.

Our amazing Portuguese Model #MariaClara {who already did fashion shows for Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Dior & many others in international fashion weeks} was certainly the person who touched my heart the most! I am so grateful to be – 2 years later – with her again in another #PortugalFashion. When it comes to genuine gestures & #BeYOUtiful smiles of this day, hers is definitely one of them!


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Apart from the friendly faces, I had the pleasure to meet #JulieGeorgiaBernard, who states that “beauty is everywhere” – & I couldn’t agree more – has her own rubric – “Laissez moi passer, je travaille dans la mode” – at a French TV. I have to say that you will know more about it! For now, all that you need to know is that she is a really lovely person & that she loved my style of the day, right dearest Julie?! 

In the backstage, I interviewed – if you have seen my #instastories, you already know what I’m talking about – some models {Olesya is the name} & makeup artists from MAC Cosmetics, as it is the case of the talented André Silva


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If you think that it is all, just wait for what is about to come! Meanwhile, never forget:

Live #BeYOUtiful moments!

love, d’Oliveira fashion blog | Luís de Oliveira
Photographer for the day | Daniel Fernandes
Event | #PortugalFashionFW1819 #PortugalFashionWeek
@Offical PRESS

DFBlog | Português

O Portugal Fashion poderia ser só mais uma Semana de Moda no calendário. Mas assim como
as girls do Sexo e a Cidade {quem se lembra meninas??} são únicas pela sua cumplicidade
e pela sua versatilidade, o Portugal Fashion desta temporada, em Lisboa, também juntou pessoas,
marcas e conceitos que só são possíveis de juntar no Portugal Fashion, tornando-se um momento único
para quem o vive {como é o meu caso}.

O 1º dia desta semana de moda foi cheio de momentos que encheram o meu coração de gratidão.
{Desde reencontrar a nossa fantástica e simpática modelo #MariaClara até conhecer a querida 
#JulieGeorgiaBernard, bem como o taletoso maquilhador André Silva da MAC Cosmetics, todos os momentos
foram de pura alegria, gestos genuínos - right Maria Clara?!  - e #BeYOUtiful sorrisos}.

Se pensam que isto é tudo, esperem por aquilo que ainda vem! Desde mais calorosos momentos do Portugal Fashion,
Designers de Moda com coleções cheias de conceito e cultura, até reportagens gravadas...tudo está à vossa espera.

Por agora, não se esqueçam de viver momenetos #BeYOUtiful!
love, d'Oliveira fashion blog | Luís de Oliveira


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