Hello, #BeYOUty! While we are in self-isolation, some key-products assume the main role of our skincare routine, especially now as the world woke up to exercising & self-care. Ready to meet my key-product?!

Our skin is our widest physical barrier to aggressors and microorganisms. Then, the skin self-care routine must start from the diet, daily activities & mental health. Then, creams (at least sun protection). Regarding that, as every day, I exercise (& that increases the sweat) at the end of the day – I know it should be in the morning – when I finish, I go to my relaxing bath & with me go the Oxygen Cleansing Milk from Youth Lab.

YOUTH LAB. Oxygen Cleansing Milk

It is not the first time that I am talking about Youth Lab here! They have many products that I use & like. Also, every product that apply by routine or test, I check the ingredients at EWG’s Skin Deep® database, which gives you a SCORE related to the potential hazards and health concerns of an ingredient or product. Then, I also go to the European Commission database – CosIng – to look for information on cosmetic restriction related to an ingredient that rates high SCORE at EWG’s Skin Deep®.

Besides that, all of this info must be integrated as alone that doesn’t mean much. Then, you should always ask your dermatologist, family doctor or pharmacotherapist/pharmacist.
Oxygen Cleansing Milk from Youth Lab rates 5/10 (the lowest the better), so not bad! Right?! This score (5) is due to some ingredients, which however have not reported restrictions to the dose allowed in European cosmetics. I personally, would just recommend restriction to the pregnant woman & people with sensitive skin. However, these are personal ideas & no restrictions are made for these special groups.


First, it is very easy to use! After doing my workout, I go to my bath & every day apply it during that time. The brand says we don’t need to rinse with water, but I do as I am in the bath. If you use it after taking your bath, you can apply a generous quantity to face & neck with a cotton pad.
Second, this cleanses my face without stripping it of moisture and my skin becomes soft & radiant! For me one of the most important aspects.
Third, it contributes to cell rejuvenation, hydrates and has a soothing action.
Fourth, it smells amazing & makes me feel calm and relaxed!

As you can see, it is a key-product for our days while practicing social distancing! PS: #stayathome

Luís de Oliveira
d’Oliveira fashion doctor

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YOUTH LAB. Portugal

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O Meu Tratamento de Beleza em Casa após o Treino

Olá, #BeYOUty! Enquanto estamos em isolamento, tudo o que precisamos é de alguns produtos-chave que nos dêem – perfeitamente – o que precisamos quando se trata de hidratação e limpeza de pele. Até por que, agora, o mundo acordou para o exercício físico e cuidados próprios. Vamos conhecer o meu produto-chave?!
Se já prestaram atenção na imagem, sabem que é o OXYGEN CLEANSING MILK da YOUTH LAB. Razões? Várias! Mas aqui fica um resumo: muito fácil de usar; a marca indica que não precisamos enxaguar com água e que basta utilizar um tecido de algodão; limpa o meu rosto sem desidratar, a minha pele fica macia, bem como radiante; contribui para o rejuvenescimento celular, hidrata e tem uma ação calmante; cheira incrivelmente bem e faz-me sentir calmo e relaxado! ❤ Luís de Oliveira

The content provided in this article is provided for information purposes only and is not a substitute for professional advice and consultation, including professional medical advice and consultation; it is provided with the understanding that doliveirafashionblog.com (“d’Oliveira fashion blog”) is not engaged in the provision or rendering of medical advice or services. You understand and agree that d’Oliveira fashion blog shall not be liable for any claim, loss, or damage arising out of the use of, or reliance upon any content or information in the article.

You can buy your cleansing products here!

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