After this Portugal Fashion Week, all that I can think about is how we perceive reality & how we are creating it!

CLOTHES & ACCESSORIES are for sure part of the process of creating our reality & its implications are going behind the statement of how we look while achieving a status of how we feel – from literally feelings to health issues.

If we see closer, our actions – how we live – go behind ourselves. It seems to relate also to the way we interact with others & even, in that matter, with fashion industry. All critics or perceived bad actions made by others – people or even brands – are in our mind. What we speak is related with what we feel & vision. As a result, for example, all the questionable racist connotations that people are complaining about the case of Gucci cut-out lips resembling blackface are perceive as racist just because we – outsiders – see it that way. It might could meant black culture empowerment, but is was understood as the contrary! Just like these subject, there are also, connotations related with the fashion work of fashion bloggers, because many times our work is perceived as no professional work – I admit that many might be, but that is the result of the lack of ethical laws in fashion bloggers profession. However, you must hear this report from The Business of Fashion:

With social media, the cost of introducing a brand has gone down immeasurably.

at Does Social Media Success Spell Business Success? – The Business of Fashion

For sure, fashion bloggers are part of this fashion social media revolution that we are seeing in the industry.

The question is – Have you ever thought, that the costs are being transferred to professionals as influencers/fashion bloggers?

Quelqu’un me dit?

❤ Luís de Oliveira
d’Oliveira fashion blog

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