In its widest possible sense, however, a man’s Self is the sum total of all that he can call his, not only his body and his psychic powers, but his clothes (…)

Henry James – Medical Doctor & Psychologist

Since the old times, human connection has been our most empowering action. Nowadays, we are seeing a movement of disconnection to the real world & people facial expressions appear to be present only in the “so called famous” #selfies! Right?!

By the way, did you know that “75% of all human beings spend most of the day looking down”?

Then, in order to see if it fits in the fashion world – specially at #PortugalFashionWeek #fw1920 which d’Oliveira fashion is covering right now – we looked everywhere in the #backstage for signs of such human behavior. Have a look at WHAT WE FOUND!

From social connected people to more emotional human beings, the backstage of Portugal Fashion seems to be a world full of variety. However, photos, selfies & fashion workers looking at the phones were a permanent fact. If we think about it, when we talk about selfies, studies say that it “…give individuals more freedom of controlling their face visibility, emotional expression, and camera position”. So, are we avoiding other human beings to develop more self-confidence or to escape from our feelings of discomfort with ourselves?! Also, many fashion designers – like Susana Bettencourt & Arieiv presented to us collections with clothes that covered half of the face. Interesting right?! The best part is that years ago, James Henry, already stated that clothes are part of ourselves, and now, we really see that what we wear stands for a state of mind or a message to the world.

& You? What is your message to the world?

love, Luís de Oliveira | #TheFashionDoctorPT

PHOTOGRAPHER | Mariana Valdoleiros

MODEL | Vlada Kikh

#DFBlog | Português

Olá #BeYOUtiful! O Portugal Fashion Outono Inverso 19/20 iniciou na passada quinta-feira – 14, Março 18 – na Alfândega do Porto e a #DFBlogTeam tem vindo a preparar momentos fantásticos de leitura, vídeos e instagramabilidades da forma que todos nós mais gostamos – EXCLUSIVOS! Aqui no blog, partilhamos o primeiro artigo dessa série que retrata uma reflexão sobre o comportamento humano e fragilidades. Sabias que 75% das pessoas passam o dia olhar para baixo? Pois é! Então fomos à procura de evidências nos bastidores do #PortugalFashionWeek. Vejam, nas fotos os que encontramos!
❤ Luís de Oliveira #ChiefCreativeOfficer

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