Layers, less fitted – oversize – clothes, season needs & sensations! Meet the #NEUROAESTHETICS of my style developed with the fall-winter 18/19 collection of David Catalán.

David Catalán is the founder, creative director & main designer of the eponymous brand, based both in Oporto – Portugal – & Madrid – Spain – while producing outstanding & rebel dreams made of clothes. Then, I wanted to experience the sensations & see the reactions – during the National Conference of Brands & Digital Influencers – while wearing specifically this full look directly from the runway & curiously, this was the look which David Catalán 
suggested to me when I met him as his creative office. 
Interesting, right #BeYOUtiful reader?!

For me, it was a very challenging day.

I knew that this look would make a great impact as colours, size & style ask for a stir. Well, in end, clothes can be worn to try and change an existing condition & I am very grateful to have the opportunity to use #Fashion as a tool to shape – well – myself & society.

This look challenge emotions, symbolic and cultural associations.

Did you know that frequently there are older people that use less fitted clothes and more layers?! Yes, it is true! However, this association is about to change – I believe – since these 2 concepts are already lost or dissipated through the last fashion seasons & they are here to stay. Besides that, David Catalán did that in his #FW1819 collection in a very well orchestrated way + being really comfortable & innovative, which give to it a cool vibe. Besides the shape, the option of a layered style is very very useful for winter, right? The + ? Layers are trending! On the runway, you can find high neck sweaters styled in a variety of ways – under shirts & even under other sweaters or with accessories – & these make a GOLD MOVE in the REALM OF STYLE FOR MEN & especially regarding the concept of self-fashioning in certain cultures. As if it wasn’t enough, the colour of the outlayered sweater is an embroidered – “On my Honour I Will do my Best” – fluor sweatshirt of salmon colour. Regarding that, DID YOU KNOW THAT fluorescent colours convey hazard and importance levels as high as the red colours while capturing more attention than non-fluorescent colours. Well, another thing for your list of eye-catching clothing ❤ It seems like that between the sentences embroidered, 
design, and even colours, David Catalán wanted to state a positive warning 
for a meaningful positive life. & Do you know what? 
He really got it! It was one of the looks which I wore that received more comments & attention during the event. Everyone was talking about it. 

PS: Yup, and I was not the youngest ‘self-made’ billionaire at age 21 – Kylie Jenner – in the room.

The result: A Happy Day full of productive work.

love, #TheFashionDoctorPT | Luís de Oliveira
#FW1819 COLLECTION | David Catalán
Photo | Rui Souto e Castro

Wearing a suit with the back in the front! Irreverent style in grey, white & fluorescent salmon.

#DFBlog | Português

Sobreposições, tamanhos largos e cores fluorescentes – uma receita do criativo designer de moda David Catalán para desafiar a moda masculina, os padrões da sociedade e o nossa noção de alerta durante este inverno. Afinal de contas, quem não gosta do conforto das roupas largas e da irreverência de cores que te fazem prometer lutar por um dia fantástico?!
Love, #TheFashionDoctorPT Luís de Oliveira

Scientific papers related | Connoted hazard and perceived importance of fluorescent, neon, and standard safety colors, ; Chromaticity of color perception and object color knowledge, ; The processing of color preference in the brain, ; Leslie Held. 21M.732 Beginning Costume Design and Construction. Fall 2008. Massachusetts Institute of Technology: MIT OpenCourseWare, License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA.

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7 replies on “Inside the layers of David Catalán

      1. Yes, he is really great! You have the link to his website if you click in his name in the end of this article 🙂 I really think his clothes are really unique while mixing colours that attracts our brain with designs that challenge perception.

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  1. You are as handsome as always, dear Luis. ❤ I really like you in that gray jacket/suit. Not sure about the salmon – I think I prefer you in bolder colors, cobalt blue perhaps? Layers become increasingly important as you age because we often feel temperatures more and the layers hide fat that might develop in middle age…😁 I have lost 10 lbs recently and feel my clothes fit much better so less layers!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello my dearest special friend Kerry ❤
      I am glad to hear your feedback! You might have a point…with my skin, the bold colors might go better, Right?
      WOW great to know that! I haven't to think about why! So, it is very rewarding to see your point of view! PS: you are always so great to me with your feedback! ❤ I am grateful to have you here ❤ Keep #BeYOUtiful ❤

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