Miguel Vieira FW16 collection went behind the SS16 colourful moves & turned to be a whole new life experience | PORTUGAL FASHION FW16 

Portugal Fashion FW16


At SS16 Portugal Fashion, Miguel Vieira introduced refreshing green moves into his collection. Now, during the Portugal Fashion FW16, he showed another side of his brand identity! Let’s find out?!

Hello my #beYOUtiful people, today I am here to share with you that ‘butterflies feeling‘ – do you know?! – that I haven’t felt since those older times, when I was waiting for a new season of the Sex And The City! xD

If during last Berlin Fashion Week, I saw that brands & fashion houses were amazingly open to the #beYOUtiful identity of D’Oliveira Fashion Blog while using colours & fashion to promote great sensations & fabulous life-improvement experiences, the fashion show of Miguel Vieira at Portugal Fashion FW16 was the epiphany of my experience at fashion shows. 

“For this season, the theme is COLOUR & I chosen a variety of colours to transmit feelings to people…yellow to promote happiness, blue to induce a relaxing feeling, black for classy sensation…”

Can you understand now?!

It is not every day that we hear the sophisticated king of black & white talking about colours & its sensations, especially presenting a fashion show with this thematic! If Miguel Vieira was one of my favourite Portuguese Fashion Designers, now, he is the whole model for me & my work!

On the show, we could see that the roots of his brand identity were there: he addressed his traditional classy colours – black, white and blue – in a great harmony with yellow, orange, bordeaux  & green!

Boring Winter? NOT AT ALL!

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The clean designs were decorated with expressive sleeves full of movement in the case of Woman, while Miguel Vieira Man got even stylish by placing key colourful pieces – as jackets & scarves – over classic suits, pushing further man style, opening more interesting options for us & certainly a much happier & confident MAN!

When it comes to shoes, Vieira innovated on the fabric used on it! Just amazing! It’s a pity anyone else is talking about that. But, here – at doliveirafashionblog.com – all that has an individual statement is worth talking! Woman surely will adore this velours & eye-catching piece of art! 

Well my fabulous, as you can see, it was not just Melissa McCarthy – announcing that will be on Gilmore Gilrs reboot – or Raquel Strada – with her new brand blog BlueGinger – that brings surprises to us!

& So, I hope you liked the amazing new statement that Miguel Vieira brought to his Fashion Shows and to our lives for next winter!

This time, it is more than right to say…

#beYOUtiful with D’Oliveira Fashion Blog & Miguel Vieira

@Credited Top Blogger at Portugal Fashion FW16

#portugalfashion #portugalfashionfw16 #portugalfashiontopblogger

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Through doliveirafashionblog.com spreading 'The Art of BeYOUtiful'!

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