Running, making up styles, changing clothes in cabs & a #beYOUtiful Fashion Moment to watch! At least, soon!


Yupppp….Jane Quimby – Erica Dasher – from Jane by Design series! Yeh, I know that it is gone along time ago – 2012 – but this lack of time was not enough to stop me to have a throwback during “a real life moment” where fashion happens!

Every now & then during the series, Jane was most of the time running. If she wasn’t running, she would be struggling to fit her-true-Jane By Designself in this world, while fighting for her passion – FASHION!

Last week, where the line between fashion & life moments crossed & intercrossed until they become one – thanks God!! – I felt just like living an episode of Jane by Design & do You know why?

WELL, I was invited for a Portuguese TV Show to talk about my blog & fashion stylists! To do so, between preparing myself to it, finding the perfect outfit – which was a bit hard, since I had to think about how it would appears on screen & all of this things – plus getting to know the place, I was living my frenetic sweet dream! & This week you will “watch” all about this! 🙂

But, for now, all I am allowed to say is that even between changing clothes in the taxi – yup, you read well! That can happens in real fashion life! – & a quick makeup on the studio all went amazingly fabulous!

So, stay with this tease of my style for the TV Show!


Which one I picked?!

Stay tuned to find it & much more!

NEVER FORGET | #DREAM #FIGHT #ACHIEVE & THE MOST IMPORTANT #BeYOUtiful, because it will bring all the happiness to you!

| Special thanks |

Maria Rafaell – TV Presenter
Isidro Paiva – Fashion Designer

Posted by:Luís de Oliveira

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