Fashion Stylists, Lupita, Selena Gomez & Me on a TV Show! Let’s find all about?!


From models role to Sex and The City, the perception & the way fashion has been done evolved through the years & it hasn’t slowed down! To discuss that & much more, I was invited to be on the rubric Castanho Puro por Maria Rafaell at RTP Africa TV channel, Have YOU Heard?! 

If later on 60’s, models used to do their makeup, hair & even bring their own accessories to the shooting, during the 80’s the style would be on the hands of those newness creative minded professionals – FASHION STYLISTS! But, for most of us, the importance of styling in fashion & in our own lives appeared in the 90’s with those bright, creative & clever 4 girls of New York City, where their style truly describes who they are! Right fabulous?!

Nowadays, the Fashion Stylist is one of the keys of fashion, whether we are talking about runways, shootings, personal enhancement or celebrities! All of that & my work as a fashion blogger – e.g. Berlin Fashion Week, SADAK, Portugal Fashion – were discussed on the TV Show with Maria Rafael & Cláudia Leal! Also, let’s not forget that we – Millennials – brought to fashion another interesting & fearsome player – The FASHION BLOGGER – but let’s leave that for a Fashion View rubric!

Now, let’s watch the TV Show by CLICKING HERE!

(Go to the 31:58 minute…)

Also, I am leaving here some backstage moments with Maria Rafael & our amazing Makeup Artist Cidália Espadinha

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These moments will live in my memory forever! This taught me one thing:

The key is to be persistent & loving our work while keeping in mind what made we start & someday…somehow all can come together while life happens!

I will never forget the positivity of Maria Rafael, the relaxing words & makeup therapy of Cidália Espadinha & the bright talk of Cláudia Leal!

Thanks for everything!


#BeYOUtiful #NotRegular & #Smile because it is all that we will get from this surprising & unexpected life!

…with from D’Oliveira Fashion Blog

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    1. Hey 😄 Many thanks! I was 9 years old when it firts started & I loved already at that time! Never thought that behind that was a fashion love hidden! Well, I hope you did like the TV talk show where my work was presented ❤


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