From CHANEL to GUCCI, they are doing a tantalising career & THEY are Portuguese! Have YOU Heard?!

DFBlogPTFashionCoverPortugal Fashion – or should I say the business of fashion in Portugal?! – increasingly populate international lands! From Portuguese Designers expanding their brand identity to Portuguese Souls giving life to luxury brands as Chanel & Gucci, Portugal is becoming a ‘fashion paradise’.

During this 38th edition of Portugal Fashion, my backstage experience – & let’s say my desire to enjoy the most I could – brought to me unforgettable golden moments, where I could search for that “something, something…” that allowed me to find the GOLDEN GIRLS of Portugal Fashion FW16!
Well, my #beYOUtiful people…

…Press Play & let’s finally find who are the ones that

“…this time I’m not leaving without…” ¿ ♦

THE #CHANELgirl – Daniela Hanganu
Daniela Hanganu | Copyrights | #DOliveiraFashionBlogPhotographer Mariana Valdoleiros

After doing the interview with Daniela, all that was missing could (by lucky) be our IRL encounter – for the ones who see the TV Show Younger will recognise xD – at Portugal Fashion & IT HAPPENED! She is lovely, enjoyable & kind as ‘people’ say. Plus being very creative & with a hide passion for photography – ? ? still to be explored – at least, it was what I could feel! IS IT TRUE DANIELA?
After enchanting all of us at Chanel Haute Couture SS15 at Grand Palais in Paris, during PORTUGAL FASHION FW16 she did show her ‘splendeur‘ in many fashion shows, including Diogo Miranda, Luís Onofre, Alexandra Moura & more! I was amazed to see her confidence & presence, especially in Alexandra Moura show – one of the shows that many models would tremble, while she remained professional & fabulous as ever, transmitting the identity of the house! Congratulations Daniela!

THE #GUCCIgirl – Maria Clara Vasconcelos
Maria Clara Vasconcelos | Copy Rights | #DOliveiraFashionBlogPhotographer Mariana Valdoleiros

I met Clara on the backstage, just after the fashion show of Alexandra Moura. She was preparing to leave with Daniela, when I asked them for a last ‘strike a pose moment’…I couldn’t miss that opportunity, right?! 🙂
As seen on international fashion shows – Gucci, Valentino, Just Cavalli, Rochas & more – in Milan & Paris, at Portugal Fashion FW16, Clara made the runway shiver by her strong rhythmical moves & fearless edgy attitude, while on the backstage, I could see a much more shy, friendly & at the same time stylish person. I don’t know why, but I felt that there is a very nice girl behind the model. 🙂 Keep going Maria Clara & I hope to be here to show the very best #beYOUtiful things, which I am sure you will do ❤

THE Future ‘Angel’ or a #NYFWgirl – Ana Burea
Ana Burea | Copyrights

Ana was about to go for another show – Luís Buchinho – when I 1st met her! In few minutes, I knew that her eyes would enclosure many dreams & ambitions. She is 20 years old & already has done a campaign for SS13 Louis Vuitton, Fashions Shows for Diogo Miranda – one of her favourite designers & I have to say one of mine too – and much more. Just on this Portugal Fashion edition, Ana was seen in Luís Buchinho, Storytailors, Pedro Pedro & much more! Now, what her deep sweet & sexy eyes reserve for us?! Well, might & hopefully her ambitions come true & I will be writing about her 1st New York Fashion Week and when it comes, about the new Portuguese Victoria’s Secret model. The last one, she told me like she was talking about a nonsense, but you know?! Life is made of ‘nonsenses‘ & our path is made up of dreams, then YOU GOOOO GIRL!

A New Golden Face?! SURE – MARINE GUIDEZ

Marine Guidez is 17 years old & the last winner of Elite Model Look Portugal – that just happened a few months ago. Between other shows, she already got Luís Onofre Fashion Show! Well, I will be keeping my eyes in you Marine ♣


I must end by saying to you – my followers – to dream, work hard & keep learning! As you can see, I have been achieving great fashion moments as I never though & meeting fantastic people from a world that each time more I identify with. From Berlin Fashion Week – my 1st international fashion week coverage & from where much more surprises are still coming – to Portugal Fashion FW16, all have been amazingly evolving! Nowadays, I am able to give much more detailed information & the best that Portugal – and some other corners of our world – has to offer in that way which you well know…the #beYOUtiful way! 🙂 So, THANK YOU GOD!

Keep your eyes here, because you will find much more that will make your-true-self shine!

#BeYOUtiful #NotRegular

…withfrom D’Oliveira Fashion Blog

@Credited Top Blogger at Portugal Fashion FW16

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