Dress code?! Yes? No? YourSELF! Let’s begin the fuss?!


From Chanel to Alexander McQueen, one thing is certain: “when the night has come…and the moon is the only thing we see”, all that you need is a pair of trainers & a glamorous dress to shine bright your irreverence whatever you are attending your prom, a cocktail night or even wedding! Shocked?! Well, some were & others loved! Have a look!

With the summer comes the prom, weddings & long cocktail nights. But,  a CHANGE in the way we dress for it has come & I must say that it is around – at least – since 2012 within the Chanel Cruise 2012/2013 show and it still is overcoming many stones, even if the high heels kill their – woman – legs.

CHANEL Cruise 2012/13 Show

Our society is all about stereotypes & rules, leaving the individual behind everything. Even the Hotel Ritz have strict dress codes: no jeans, no trainers or sportswear. People have a defined, specific & tiny – & other countless strict words – idea about what elegance is supposed to be. Then, nowadays, wearing trainers with a dress – for an event with strict dress codes – is like play Coco Chanel when she challenged traditions & the esthetic of excess with her simple, still chic woman hats & dresses.

“So, would you wear trainers with a dress for the prom or other classy events?”

This was my question to some of my friends & through Twitter. Well, on Twitter it seemed to have a lot of success, but when it comes to my friends, their opinion were split between an enthusiastic “wow love it, it’s my kind of thing” and a “well, if the person is tall, it can go well, if the person is short like me…I think a high heels works better”. Others said “influential people can freely express themselves because they have the word or confidence to challenge traditions, random people will just look silly”.

Personally, I think it really is a matter of prepositions & expectations as well as culture. But, we have to keep in mind that society evolves & so do we! Then, WHY SO SERIOUS?! The important thing is finding your own true style & expressing your personality. Never look back to history for guidelines, instead look inside yourself & see what works!

From trainers to a very creative shoe, the most important is to express your own beYOUty & personality through your style. Sometimes, it can speak louder than you think or be even stronger than a million words. Let’s look inside feelings?!

DFBlog x Aisle Style
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Wearing a full ivory look is all that you need to feel the perfection & clarity of shining your own skin, yourself. In other hand, with the blue twist your will bring all the harmony & confidence, specially if you wear some golden accessories. Besides that, do you know that blue is the favourite colour of most people? So, it will never goes wrong.

Aisle Style X Camilla Elphick X Chanel
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As JW Andreson said at Vogue España

“Creo que utilizo mucho el rojo porque es un color con garra”

So, what are you afraid of my fabulous?
From red to yellow at Aisle Style you can find your freedom on the best handmade dresses! & Just look at this video from Gucci, where expressing your own style is much more fun than play by the rules! Right?!

PS: On this video you can see one of our golden girls from Portugal Fashion! Congratulation Maria Clara Vasconcelos 🙂

As you know, don’t forget to shine your-true-colours in every occasion, specially on memorable nights as prom!

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Posted by:Luís de Oliveira

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12 replies on “Handmade Freedom

  1. Adoro este post! Como já te tinha dito via instagram, adoro a ideia de usar um vestido formal e ténis. E tu dás imensas ideias neste post sobre como o fazer! O ano passado comprei um macacão azul petróleo comprido e com gola ‘halter’ na Mango que mais parecia um vestido quando o usei pela primeira vez… Pedi a uma costureira que fizesse cortes laterais em cada ‘perna’ do macacão para criar mais movimento, numa tentativa – falhada – de não parecer um vestido. Apesar de ser formal, adoro usá-lo com ténis brancos (aliás, acho que fica muito melhor com ténis do que ficou com os saltos altos que escolhi usar na ocasião para a qual o comprei). Acho que acaba sempre por ser uma questão de estilo pessoal e de a pessoa se sentir confortável na sua própria pele 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Olá Filipa 🙂 Obrigado! A ideia era mesmo essa…dar mais opções de estilo às pessoas! Imagina como se consegue dar uma nova perspectiva muito mais jovem, confortável, irreverente e ainda preservar o “chic” a vestidos – como estes – que de certeza que foram desenhados e pensados para usar algo mais clássico! PS: Adorei saber de essa tua parte criativa hehe fico curioso por ver esse macacão! Beijinhos*

      Liked by 1 person

      1. É sem duvida uma excelente ideia, sim! Irreverência é a palavra perfeita para descrever o resultado final 🙂 tenho mesmo que o fotografar ’em movimento’ eheh! Tem um óptimo domingo Luís 😘

        Liked by 2 people

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