Not just another 1st edition, but A Fashion Show  where the statement of sensations & Portuguese Culture embraced each other! Have YOU Heard?!

DFBlog x UMODA2016

Illusion. Light. Transitions. Blindness! The 4 senses which composed & deconstructed colours, bold designs & a Fashion Show that proved to be much more than just ‘another’ 1st edition to assume a concept & a work quality that could be found in international Fashion Weeks!

In spite of the novel Blindness of José Saramago be one of the inspirations to the show, I must say that this event was all but a misfortune or traumatic. Instead, it was all about light, brainstorming & lots of creativity. An event full of #BeYOUtiful things & was there to tell you all about 🙂

So far, you know that I am talking about a Fashion Show, right?! Well, it was not just another one. This Fashion Show called “A Moda vai ao Mercado” – ‘Fashion goes to the Marketplace’ – was made to promote the collections of senior students from the BSc & MSc in Design & Marketing of Fashion | University of Minho. With that, North of Portugal was replaced on the map of fashion, showing its power & the will to surprise everyone.

In 4 harmonic ways[UN] BELIEVE (geometric cuts embellished by the duality of a yellow & irreverent materials), DEEP LIGHT (where the darkest of the underworld of sea collide with the lightening yellow, coral colours & bioluminescence materials), LUSQUE-FUSQUE (full of sobrepositions, contrasts & where the red brings passion to the cold dark blue), TABULA RASA (a versatile collection full of oversized pieces, autumn patterns, long sleeves, from the sensation of a chic struggling to the freedom of the designs & colours…well I am passionate about this collection)the next season (FW16/17) was dissected in the most sensitive way…just as I LOVE!

My #BeYOUtiful people, keep in mind that when the time comes & the leaves fall from trees, I will give to you the full details & styles of these collections in the most fabulous way through #DFBlogStyle & #DFBlohStyleHER rubric!

For now, I just want to give big congratulations to all of the people that thought, planed & made this event! Also, many thanks for inviting me! It was a pleasure to cover the event!

To finish & as you know, it is left to say…

#BeYOUtiful #NotRegular

Withfrom D’Oliveira Fashion Blog | Luís de Oliveira 


WORDS & PHOTO DESIGN | Luís de Oliveira
#DFBlogPHOTOGRAPHER | André Dantas

@Credited Press

Posted by:Luís de Oliveira

Through spreading 'The Art of BeYOUtiful'!

8 replies on “UModa | 4 ‘multiple’ senses

    1. Sure 😉 In that event, blindness was the way to express the repression of society & the liberation through designs, where the movement of arms where barely seen & then, in the end, with amazing colours – from red to autumn tones – showing that misfortune can be break with anything that make us feel alive & the blood pulse on our veins, whatever it is a breathtaking colour & design or just a weighed moment. It was why I loved this event & specifically TABULA RASA collection – from making a brainstorming moment to make your senses flourishing..all were there 🙂 Kisses #BeYOUtiful girl!


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