Fashion & Travel are the words…find all in between or you will miss it!


In Fashion, everyone is travelling all the time & between of that, there are some essentials that we must be religiously taken with us! Let’s know all about it!

These days, fashion shows barely take a break. As the blogger Camila Coutinho was saying in some of her Vlogs “eu estava fazendo as contas um dia desses e so existem 2 meses no ano que não existem fashion weeks” – yup!! you read well, just 2 months in which there are no Fashion Weeks & we are talking about the officially big ones – New York, London, Milan & Paris. Then, you can imagine the trouble for us fashion bloggers!

In my case, when I started blogging, international fashion weeks & red carpets were from where I  could take content for my blog – as you can see on “THE ANCIENT DFASHIONBLOG” at the menu. But, as I was “growing” & finding my own self & place in fashion, I found more interesting waves of fashion (at least for me & my community), where I could find peculiar & unique designs that breath at the same level FASHION, ART & PERSONALITY! & so, I started doing more shows like Concept Fashion Design, UMODA & some shows full of uniqueness  from Portugal Fashion or Berlin Fashion Week.

Well, I hope find much more shows anywhere like those ones! This weekend is happening another one & I will be there to show to you the most #BeYOUtiful things. I am talking about VALDEVEZ FASHION  at Arcos de Valdevez – north of Portugal, more precisely Viana do Castelo District – where many surprises are reserved for you, whatever you are physically attending or in real-time through my social media – just scroll down to know all 🙂

Just to show to you all the #BeYOUty on this world – which dresses fashion – I came all way down from Lisbon to Arcos de Valdeves & with me I brought some things that a fashion blogger – or any fashionista – must travel with, during the summer. HAVE A LOOK!


My book – Psychology of Colours – & my VOGUE were essential items for travelling. At the end, what is fashion without vogue or vice-versa & without meaningful fashion?!

By the way, I have the pleasure to collaborate with ROSELYN SILVA, while wearing to the fashion show, her 1st collection for man! CURIOUS?! WAIT UNTIL THE NEXT SUNDAY – 31st JULY – TO BE AMAZED AS I AM, or just have a look into my instagram! You will ❤ hehe

When it comes to beauty, in order to give a touch of irreverence & personality to the look for the show, I had to bring all of that! Love, Wild & Classy will be the words for the look!

With that, i am ready to enjoy the summer alongside the river at Arcos de Valdevez & the fashion show in the most #BeYOUtiful STYLE!


Live Event on Facebook |
Photos on Instagram | @doliveirafashionblog
Live Chat during the Event at Twitter & Snapchat@DOFashionBlog & @dfblog

To finish & as you know, it is only left to say…


...with D’Oliveira Fashion Blog

EVENT | Valdevez Fashion 2016 on 31st July 2016 at 10 p.m. (lisbon & london hours)
ORAL CARE | Beverly Hills Formula

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Posted by:Luís de Oliveira

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