#BeYOUtiful in Las Vegas with DENIM – your second ‘skin’! Check out & Enjoy Life!


The Gold Lighting City. Denim. Summer Style & lots of Fun Shopping. Lets mix all of that?!

Travelling can be a pain. The flights seats that in the beginning were the host of excitement, after 12-16 hours are just hurting us. Not to mention ‘tiny’  bags, in where the amount of our beautiful clothes seems more like a  ‘limited edition product’. BUT, nothing better than a #BeYOUtiful mind to plan a style ready for adventure! Right?!

Las Vegas (LV) is the city where blue skies embrace a golden city full of streets that breath bronze, yellows, grey, metal tones & shapes through exquisite architecture! Then, with that variety & exuberance, is there a possibility to stand out all over LV?!

The Forum Shops

For the ones who breaths the art of fashion & make every cloth an extension of themselves, there are NO walls or impossibilities!

Where warm colours are spread all over, just like in this luxurious exquisite shopping – The Forum Shops, that by the way, it is a mandatory place to visit in LV – you must bring the equilibrium to it. Then, cool colours are the best to make a great contrast or sometimes feel just part of it – you know LV can surprise you at every corner!

To do so & as I was feeling like wearing a sober style, that could express my freedom to visit such city and a comfortable versatile fabric. So, the answer was DENIM! Besides all of that, a full denim style is trending right now…at least says my desire & well…Vogue!

By making DENIM a background basic, there is a lot of opportunity to BeYOUtify the look with colour appointments through accessories or shoes, just like I did! Don’t you love some irreverence?!

DFBlogStyleDFBlogStyle | NuneKI AccessoriesDFBlogStyle

Well, where you are, where you go, never forget the most important thing:

Bring always your own #BeYOUtiful statement!

…withfrom D’Oliveira Fashion Blog



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Posted by:Luís de Oliveira

Through doliveirafashionblog.com spreading 'The Art of BeYOUtiful'!

12 replies on “Denim for Las Vegas

  1. Estou a adorar as fotos!!! Double denim foi uma escolha super inteligente. A escolha dos acessórios não podia ter sido melhor 😉 adoro a tua mala de viagem, é absolutamente linda! Tem um óptimo fim de semana! 😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Olá Filipa! Obrigado hehehe Este estilo foi simplesmente a tradução do juntar o útil ao agradável! O denim azul funcionou como um apontamento de cor num cidade onde o gold e o verde se misturam..para além disso, é super confortável e consigo andar entre os dois mundos – classy (com os botões da camisa todos apertados) & casual (com botões abertos). Os acessórios foram escolhidos de forma a dar ao estilo aquele ‘abanam’ mais pessoal que eu gosto 😉
      PS: Adorei o teu comentário! Tem também um excelente fim de semana 🙂 #BeYOUtiful


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