Hello Hello Hello #BeYOUtiful! Welcome to another video at youtube. Last weekend, I went to Alcobaça – Portugal with my amazing #ecosneakers from WAYZ! Let’s find out?
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My Bag! My History!

As Gaston Bouthoul said at his Traité de sociologie: Fashion is a periodic phenomenon mainly from psychological origin. If so, are we really experiencing Fashion unconsciously or even consciously? In such context, have you ever thought about how bags can translate your inner hopes, dreams or how you are experiencing life, even unconsciously?!

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Disruptive Self

Self-representation is defined as “a statement of facts, reasons, etc., made in appealing or protesting; a protest or remonstrance”. This is part of my findings while questioning myself – & afterwards, the #BeYOUtiful people on my Instagram – about why I became to dress in a disruptive way in the countryside when compared to the…

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