As Gaston Bouthoul said at his Traité de sociologie:

Fashion is a periodic phenomenon mainly from psychological origin.

If so, are we really experiencing Fashion unconsciously or even consciously? In such context, have you ever thought about how bags can translate your inner hopes, dreams or how you are experiencing life, even unconsciously?!

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They say we just see what we are – or what we already know – in other words, what we see is a reflection of what we are. Then, when it comes to our #backpacks or #bags, I wonder:


In order to get close to a possible answer – not the right or wrong answer, but an answer – I asked {my cutest friend & fashion assistant} Rita Cardoso, about her feelings for the so the called girly itemThe bags.

What she said to me??

I have been in love with bags since my childhood. Back then, it meant a possibility! A possibility to feel more adult…a possibility to be like my mother…I even felt powerful with a bag on my little hands when I was a child.

As you can see, even since our childhood, bags can make us realize the person we want to be or become while making us not want to “be anybody else” – as Selena Gomez says in her song “Who Says”. It is as a contribution to the consciousness of the Self.

Now, as Rita is a full grown woman, she uses her backpacks or bags in accordance with her emotions: “When I want to feel powerful & chic, I use a handbag. In the other hand, if I am travelling, I use a backpack that can give to me a relaxed vibe while stylish.”

From the feelings evoked by bags to its power of showing your innermost personae, the following bags are the ones that I love from the shinning brand Baginning

Ladies Backpack Collection

Get ready to shine a strong, cool & mysterious personality |

Clear Backpacks

Expose your feeling with no fear |

Fashion Backpacks

Express who you are & what you want |

Are you in doubt about the one you love?

Well, I can understand that! But, in the end, all that you need to do is asking yourself:


Luís de Oliveira | #TheFashionDoctorPT

PHOTOGRAPHER | @olgaurbanek 


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6 replies on “My Bag! My History!

      1. You are very welcome! It is very rewarding to have your opinion 🙂 Regarding that, have can you remember the feeling when you had your first bag? Also, what it represented to you? I would be delighted to hear what you have to say 🙂

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      2. Hey, I am sorry for the late answer. I got my first bag when I started secondary school. It was big enough with a zipper on the top, but the best of all it had the colors of the rainbow. It represented me and I have always been very captivated by the rainbow and my interpretation of it. It is a little magical and dreamy and I have always been concerned with having dreams and visions and as a little girl I want to believe in the magic of life.

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      3. (I am sorry, but I send the answer before I got finish, but here is the rest of it)..I have always looked at myself as very colorful and each color represents something to me🦋I have also always felt different and weird about how I sense and interpret things. I now use in my poems and stories colors and butterflies to describe me🦋 This was challenging, but I hope you understand me🦋 my first bag represented me very emotionally.
        I wish you a wonderful sunday🦋

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