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During Paris Fashion Week, every moment is a runway of fashion opportunities while showing who you are even without speaking. Just with your style, plus the way you move & stand seems to be a deciding key to be captured by the flashes and even by tv channels [& that happened to me with this style]! Curious?! 🙂

The men’s fashion season in Paris was incredible, full of strong street styles statements – that I will be sharing with you – plus us [fashion people] running between fashion shows. Then, we must select a Style that compliments ourselves – in every way – & that transform the roads in a complete runway show [because an event as the Paris fashion week, the streets literally are a runway, especially in front of the places where the shows are happening & in the end on the tube while running for the next one]!

Andrea Crews

White Mountaineering


…were some of the fashion shows of the day | June 24th, 2017
DFBlogSTYLE | Paris Fashion Week | White Mountaineering SS18
Photo | Alexis Negrin |

In #myStyle, a mixture between asymmetries & patterns fall in place crossing cultures & forming a harmony among classic, African patterns & sportswear, showing the power of us – Millennials!

[Long V-Neck + Lines + A Lace + Sober Positive Colour + Gender Statment]

…made the plus on a hot busy day in Paris while playing fashion!

These details will be the next* thing in fashion! Just as in our life, everything will be lived in lines & pastel colours next summer & further. In the end, what is life if not a mixture of straight, perpendicular and sometimes closed [circular] lines!?

Never forget, despite the closed lines & perpendicular ones make sure you LIVE FULLY!

love, d’Oliveira fashion blog | Luís de Oliveira
blouson | Isidro Paiva
Fashion Week | Paris Fashion Week Men’s SS18


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