Fashion can influence our behaviour & our social interaction. Ready to know more through a style that was a challenge for me?!

As Goffman said…

Our obsession for changes, our desire to differentiate ourselves from the others, but most of all from what others would more obviously expect from us is the actual sense of fashion.

& I wouldn’t describe more precisely what this #lookoftheday is about! I just could place a plus:

Colours stimulate our brain & certainly RED was an important key in this style while boosting my self-confidence & perceived self-attractiveness!



love, d’Oliveira fashion blog | Luís de Oliveira
Full Credits |
Photo & Online Assistant | Bruno Carneiro
Concept & Post-Production | Luís de Oliveira
Sunglasses | Giorgio Armani SS18

DFBlog | Português
A Teoria de Goffman!

Como Goffman disse "A nossa obsessão por mudança, o nosso desejo de nos diferenciar dos outros, mas, acima de tudo,
daquilo que os outros esperariam de nós é o verdadeiro sentido da moda".
Não poderia encontrar melhores palavras para descreber este estilo que montei e amei. Não sei se foi do vermelho
ou não, mas falta de confiança não faltou! 
Posted by:Luís de Oliveira

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