Hello #BeYOUties many times they say:

{I don’t care if it hurts, I wanna have control, I wanna a perfect body, I wanna a perfect soul}

Ready for a #BeYOUty experience?

Press play & get the feeling!

Since we are a little human – whether a girl or boy – we learn that we must be special to someone or in something. As a result, we grow looking inside the fashion seasons and at the ‘it girls’ or ‘it boys’ while integrating them as part of our cult beauty. The problem is…are they real? Is the #makeup the solution? What is beautiful? More interesting, especially in an era where everyone does #makeup, I found a very interesting scientific paper regarding the effects of #makeup on attractiveness. Do you want to know the results?! Well…

 light makeup is preferred to heavy makeup and no makeup in daily life*

*found in the Japanese population | Study: The light-makeup advantage in facial processing: Evidence from event-related potentials

Therefore, nothing better than introducing to you the skincare brand YouthLab, which has the philosophy of simplifying our daily skincare routine while make us shine our natural & personal beauty. Also, this brand includes products for a light makeup as CC creams! As you can see, it has the concept that half-world – literally – is looking for & the best part? I could try it & now I can share with you! 


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The products that I received from YouthLab were ideal for my skin type, which is normal to dry skin – should I develop this subject in another article? – besides that, they were very kind & offered me their sample box – containing wrinkles erasure cream for eyes, restoring serum, CC complete cream for face & another for eyes, plus a daily sunscreen cream and facial masks – that you can see in the photos.


All creams from Youth Lab. Dermocosmetics are developed to answer the increasing slowdown of skin’s metabolism & the decrease of qualitative and quantitative elements of our skin. These processes that occur with ageing results in deficient biological functions. So, these creams complement what our skin is loosing during our lifetime. Therefore, it allows us to experience life fully whatever you love being at the beach, river or city.


As we just open the boxes, we already are tempted to say “GOODNESS GRACIOUS ME”! Now, you must be wondering why, right? Well, it smells so good that makes our day begin & end in the most gracious way. So, if you like to be embraced every day with sweet & fresh vibes, these skin products are the right option. Besides that, they are dermatologically tested & parabens free – and free from all questionable ingredients for that matter. The only thing that you must pay attention if you have sensitive plus dry skin is the fact of these creams have perfume. I DIDN’T HAVE ANY PROBLEM, but if you have these skin conditions, you should first try in a little portion of your face…just in case…as they certainly paid attention to the amount of perfume placed in the formula.


Youth Lab. Daily Cleanser for Normal to Dry Skin

It is a rich moisturizing daily cleanser gel with a fresh fruity smell. Can it get better? TOTALLY! You can use it as a #makeup remover and if you are a man you will love the following tip: YOU CAN USE IT BEFORE SHAVING YOUR BEARD as it will remove any dirt that can promote a painful shave. Still talking about the amazing beard world – which I love to be part of – THIS IS MY FAVOURITE CLEANSER TO USE WHILE HAVING A FULL BEARD & my closest friends can tell you that I have many options on my “creams closet”! {yes, you read well, CLOSET FOR CREAMS}.
TIP: leave it on your skin for 1 minute to embrace everything you deserve & while doing that, please think about a #BeYOUtiful day or thanks God or the Universe for the day you lived.

See more about this cleanser here.

Youth Lab. Oxygen Moisture Cream for Normal Skin

Welcome to the unbelievably catchy moisture cream that makes our skin a clean monument to be admired. If you apply it, you really don’t need to wear further complicated #makeup. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING? It hydrates & rejuvenates the skin while making it shine. THE PLUS? Doing that you are acting as recommended by the study presented above & paving a journey where your face will be well remembered. In my experience, I have a more desirable effect if I apply also the wrinkles erasure cream for eyes & the restoring serum. However, if you are on those amazing fearless years – usually < 27 years old – you are completely fine just with this cream.
PS: don’t reject your neck! OK? Give it Love, it is an important part of our aesthetics.

See more about this moisture cream here.

Surprises from the Sample Box? TOTALLY!

The sample box was like my oasis of diamonds. Two of them, I just talked above – wrinkles erasure cream for eyes & the restoring serum – the other is the CC complete cream for eyes – which I talked about on my #instastory which even with a small amount, it covers in a marvellous & natural way the dark circles. PLUS? It ensures hydration and elasticity.


Well, what do you say?  Let’s embrace our TRUE COLOURS & be remembered about who we really are? Don’t let a #heavymakeup get in between you & the love you found yesterday!

As the study says “faces with light makeup were remembered more correctly than faces with heavy makeup.”

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YOUthlab. Live outside the Seasons!

Olá #BeYOUties Desde pequeninos nós aprendemos (muitas vezes de forma errada) que temos de ser especiais para alguém ou em alguma coisa. Como resultado, nós crescemos
a olhar para as semanas da moda (ainda me lembro quando a familia se reunia para ver os desfiles da temporada) e para as it girls ou it boys integrando-os no nosso culto de beleza privado.
O problema é...serão eles reais? Será a maquilhagem a solução? O que é beleza? No meio de tantas questões dei por mim a ler um estudo científico na área da Dermatologia que explora os efeitos da
maquilhagem no poder de atração - não fosse eu estudante de Medicina e Farmacoterapêuta, né amores?! - e descobri algo que vai surpreender muitos: no dia-a-dia a maquilhagem natural é preferida às
maquilhagens mais elaboradas ou sem maquilhagem. Depois de ler este artigo, logo me surgiu a ideia de o relacionar com a marca de cremes Youth Lab., que tem a filosofia de simplificar os nossos cuidados de pele diários
fazendo mostrar a nossa beleza natural. Além dos cremes de tramento, esta marca contém também produtos para maquilhagem que deixa aquele ar natural que descreve
o estudo científico. Desta minha colaboração com a Youth Lab, o meu 'test drive' incluio um gel de limpeza, um creme hidratante e uma caixa de amostras de forma a deliciar-me com todos os ramos da sua árvore da vida. 
Youth Lab. Gel de Limpeza para pele normal a seca
Este é um gel de limpeza que nos vai deixar loucos de paixão, pelo seu perfume fresco e frutado. O maior problema? Sem dúvida ter vontade de andar sempre a lavar a cara (brincadeira hehe). Uma coisa que eu mais gosto neste gel
é que se mostra perfeito para a limpeza que a nossa pele masculina necessita antes de barbear. Além disso, é o meu produto de eleição para quando faço a limpeza da minha pele quando tenho barba. É fantástico! Deixa a barba e a pele
com uma limpeza que não encontrei igual. PS: E olhem que para mim, os cremes representam aquilo que os sapatos representam para voces (meninas). Portanto, devem estar a imaginar o meu closet de cremes, certo?!
Yourth Lab. Creme Hidratante para peles normais
Bem-vindos ao inacreditável creme de hidratação que transforma a nossa pele num monumento clean para ser admirado.
Ao aplicar este creme realmente quase que deixa de ser necessário muita mais maquilhagem. Ele parece deixar  uma película que torna a nossa pele brilhante e clean. Melhor?! Impossível! A única coisa que para mim realmente melhora 
claramente o efeito desde creme é a aplicação do serum anti-rugas para cara e o creme anti-rugas para os olhos. Razão? Experiência de vida! Para aqueles que ainda vivem na flor da idade (<27 anos) este creme hidratante será 
mais que o suficiente ♥
Surpresas na Caixa de Amostras? CLARO!
A caixa de amostra foi o meu oasis de diamantes. Dois deles eu já falei acima - o sérum e o creme para os olhos. Um outro é o CC cream para os olhos. AMEI! Resulta super bem, cobrindo as olheiras que por vezes ocorrem. Além disso,
assegura hidratação e a elasticidade das commissuras oculares.
Bem, que dizem? Vamos abraçar as nossas Verdadeiras Cores?!
Love, d'Oliveira fashion blog | Luís de Oliveira


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17 replies on “YOUthlab. Live outside the Seasons!

    1. Glad you share the same values! & you can be sure that people & even your skin will appreciate it! Regarding the products, I am very passionate about them because of that…I cause no harm (in a general healthy population) & leaves our skin amazing. Their CC creams really work well & in a natural way. ❤ Keep in touch* & Shine!


      1. We must look always for products that cause no harm. As a plus, we must pay attention because Natural is different from safe. These products from Youthlab. are Safe for the general population, but this doesn’t mean that a person with a specific allergy to aminoethylethanolamine won’t suffer an allergic reaction (which is very rare, just 4 cases described in the world (data available in 2001). Happy to discuss this kind of subjects 🙂


    1. Hey Afonso! Many thanks for sharing! I am very glad you liked it! Skin is our major organ & we must take care of this. As a plus, it plays an important role in social relations, therefore, I must topic in psychology of fashion 🙂 Again, thanks 🙂

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