Hey #BeYOUtiful Girls 

As you know, I have been at one of the most important fashion weeks in the world – Paris Fashion Week SS18 – & when I was there, I took every single second to see the street style & the best trends that fashion shows were stating.

So, what best than take all that together, mix it with another fashion weeks – e.g. Milan – & give to you the most powerful styles & colours to achieve that vibe that is missing in your life?!

Well, if I had to choose one thing to point out when it comes to this subject, I would (as I am xD) say…


…when we talk about accessories! There were seen bags over bags, long necklaces, iconic shoes & lots of expressive motifs stated in hearts, flowers & laces.

For me, the star is called SHOE!

photo rights | Dolce & Gabbana

Shoes are the key accessory for a life full of enjoyable & prosperous steps, whatever you go to a party to meet your next boyfriend/girlfriend or to your workplace.

{+} you must know:

[LEAVE YOUR SOCKS ON] because sandals aren’t anymore just for summer, neither WHITE or even hearts just for the Queen of Hearts. Right Dolce & Gabbana?!

BUT, have you thought about the COLORS?! Oooops, YOU SHOULD! It states you intention & the vibe you are giving to the world!


WHITE is for Pure, Perfect & Confident Woman


(Click to SHOP White White Stilettos heels)

BLACK & GOLDEN SHADES + a twist of RED are for an Elegant life with glitters of Happiness ALL the WAY


(Click to SHOP Black Stilettos heels)

Try these citric & sugary colours, mix it with some energetic notes of red to make this new season a playful life moment!



(Click to SHOP Stilettos heels)

Season after season, everyone is getting more in love with details (& I am glad they do, in the end, our life is made of little tiny details). Colors, statements, polka dots make up the new intrinsic way of expressing emotions & even making us more confident about life!

Who never put on the iconic red boots & felt magnificent and the perfect hero in the middle of a million people?!

…now we have the proof {Fashion is Emotion & Emotion can Be ART}

love, d’Oliveira fashion blog | Luís de Oliveira
Shoe Brand | Funny She Jill (FSJ)
Cover Photo Rights | Dolce & Gabbana

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