*Pink the colour of true gentle love & creativity*


City of the Lights, are you dazzling just for me? City of the Lights, there’s so much that I have seen! …“Des nuits d’amour à ne plus en finir, un grand bonheur qui prend sa place, des enuis des chagrins s’effacent…Heureux, heureux en mourir”.

Curious?! Press play.


Hey #BeYOUtiful, just watched the prized movie La La Land & it inspired me in a way that I could not resist in publishing a style that I have been saving for the right time – well, is there the right time?! For Fashion, sometimes there is!

This movie states the power of options in life & show how a really intense and fascinating romance can end when one – of the two – places the other on the crowd. Seeing that, I realised that nowadays most of the people struggle in love. Right way, my thoughts run to the song of the inspiring Edith PiafLa Vie en Rose. Like that, it makes me fall in love with the idea of a life in pink.


Pink – pink erica colour – states an atmosphere of feelings, miracles, personality & love at it first embrace. Besides that, it has been seen inside & out of the runways. Coincidence?! Or we really need some pink on our lives?!

Man can wear pink in many ways. But, I inspired myself in the epoch of Madame Pompadour, that brought to fashion the mixture of pink with blue – besides that, the sweet is a design of mine, have I told?! hehe – and like that, I enjoyed in full love the Neon Museum of the City of Lights, Las Vegas.

Also, this is an amazing style for a transition of seasons when you don’t know how you should face the sun & the wind, or even, a not so warm night of cosmopolitans and lights 

Well, in the end, life is made of options…
( + lots of warm-ups (and) “-downs”)

…but, never forget to take them with some Pinkie vibes!


with from D’Oliveira Fashion Blog
STYLE & WORDS | Luís de Oliveira
PHOTOGRAPHIC COPYRIGHTS | doliveirafashionblog.com
CITY | Las Vegas

Posted by:Luís de Oliveira

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6 replies on “La La…Vie En Rose

  1. Hi Luis, thanks for dropping by my blog. I’ve browsed through a few of your articles. I must say, you’ve got a very ‘stylish’ blog here. Keep it up!

    Personally, I love pink on men. It helps to stand out and make a classy statement. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Urvashi! So nice to hear from you! Is for people like you that I am working and writing for! 🙂 Many thanks for your words!
      Yes…pink is each time more used in men…in a very sexy way! That colour will keep being seen during next seasons, so it is a great investment 🙂 Also, pink is a colour that transmutes self-love! So, we have all the excuses to use and abuse 🙂 hehe Many things are coming…keep in touch!
      PS: I loved the positivity on your blog* I am looking forward to read more 🙂


  2. I love the way you connect yourself with fashion and I sincerly love your style, your vibe and how you carry yourself in life & fashion.
    I will keep your website close & will follow your moves on your blog.



    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Lillooet!
      It is amazing to know that there is people that pay attention to this kind of details ❤ I am very glad to hear you feedback ❤
      Also, you are very creative & I am looking forward to see more of it on your blog! 🙂
      Keep in touch 🙂


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