From the essentials of a season transition to the colours that are going to make you shine.


If last year I was crazy in love while watching SADAK Fashion Show at Berlin Fashion Week, now I am crazy to wear those clothes. Specially, when they are just perfect to face the temperamental season transition! Let’s get into the concept of this interesting collection 🙂

Have you been in London, my #BeYOUtiful?! now you are thinking that I am crazy for talking about London when the situation took place in Berlin, but keep calm & just get in! 

Do you know the sensation of getting into the Covent Garden & being exposed to a mixture of flavours, tastes, songs that are so diverse when it comes to cultural background, while being surrounded by a nonstop city & all of that just in one place?!

If you do – and I know that I have many #beYOUtiful followers from London – & you love it, this collection is just what you need. SADAK is all about blend different cultural backgrounds into one place, while exploring moods, attitudes, statements about individually & innovation.

Sadak FW16
@Credits Nico Amarca / | SADAK Fashion Show FW16

This fashion show revealed exactly that & much more. We could see that cloths were intrinsic to the body, just like a layer that magically continues the skin, the face and its ethnic make-up & hairstyle. To be honest, it was the first time that I saw a fashion show so well-connected in all means, truly amazing, my fabulous!

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The collection so-called “Borders”, is not just an expression of a state of mind or a genderless attitude – through delicate and transparent textiles – or even about a military style trend. It was also about intentions, people, feelings, and pride for the diversity of cultures. In the end, underline and reflect the refugees from Syria. If we look close, all of that are present in the colours,  patterns, folk symbology prints, embroider talismans & cloth designs.

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The soft clothes, the transparent textiles, the bomber jackets and even the suits are what brought me to write about this FW16/17 collection now. As we are on a season transition, these designs seems to be perfect for a day that goes through the cold night, since the weather is getting warmer, but it is not warmer enough to wear most of the summer collections. Besides that, the range of colours are amazing to fulfil us with prosperity, good luck, relax, courage or even protection and responsibility.

So, what’s the damage in embrace a variety of ethnic backgrounds?

Well, #BeCultural & #BeYOUtiful!

With ❤ from D’Oliveira Fashion Blog

@Credited Press at PREMIUM Berlin | Berlin Fashion Week AW16 | SADAK #AW16 Fashion Show | #BFW

WORDS | Luís de Oliveira
FASHION SHOW | SADAK FW16Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin

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