Ready to enter wild & bold on the new year? Know the right colours for one of the most important nights of the festive season!head1

Hello, it’s me again my fabulous followers! I could not pass over this festive night without give to you all the tips for a killer night style that might will bring to you the best of lucky for a new golden year!

During 2015 all of us had many fulfilling  moments & all that we want for 2016 are much more of those, while having enjoyment, health, peace & many moments where ‘pulling out all the stops’ are mandatory! RIGHT?!

All that you need are the sexy red lipstick – as the Kendall Jenner’s Shade from Estée Lauder – & a dressing style full of solid colours as the golden robots of Star Wars, the soft pink of Scream Queens, the velvet white full of charm & purity or the fresh air & serenity of blue.

If you still go to the classic black, please add some colour: look at the Balmain collection & dress yourself with some yellow eye-catching accessories! 

For us men, the fresh air can be seen in light colours while leave the black suit at home. Do you approve girls?

Like that D’Oliveira Fashion Blog wish to you a #BeYOUtiful New Year’s Eve & never forget to shine your-true-light, while fighting for your deepest dreams & make your-true-self happy!

…with from D’Oliveira Fashion Blog | Luís de Oliveira

Posted by:Luís de Oliveira

Through spreading 'The Art of BeYOUtiful'!

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