Make your Christmas a #BeYOUtiful #FashionMoment. Know how & start by clicking PLAY!

235_47a77During the festive season there is time to enjoy family, make cakes & also have time for yourself! On this rubric you will find all that you need to play all of the parts & make the season a ‘not just a sofa-something holidays’.

Hey my fabulous, if you have seen my Instagram or Facebook accounts, you would seen that my day started very early  & in a style full of charm, while cosy! I choose a super stretch denim dark slim fit jeans from GAS, a stylish knitwear sweater from Concreto, plus a black classy jacket from French Connection & a coat from H&M to give a touch of modernity & irreverence! WELL, IF YOU DIDN’T SEE MY STYLE, YOU STILL CAN! ⇒ JUST VISIT – & follow – MY ACCOUNTS TO FIND OUT! ♥

THEN & already with my family, we are celebrating Christmas with many moments of fun – from making cakes (while leave the diet alone for these days) to watching drama fantastic movies as we used to do when all of us (brothers & sisters) were littler & younger.

& so, I don’t want you to miss all the fun you can have during this festive holidays & place the ‘boredom’ on a dark room!

1st option – Some Movies? Click here.


2nd option – Let’s make some cocktails? Click here.


3rd option – Time for a Fashion Quiz? Click here.


Like that enjoy most of the time with your family & friends, make resolutions, think about translate your beYOUty into real transparent feeling, dream & ask for a better year, #bePositive & as always…

…use fashion to feel good about your-true-self


#BeYOUtiful #NotRegular with D’Oliveira Fashion Blog


Styling | Luís de Oliveira | D’Oliveira Fashion Blog

Photography | Roksolana Drogomyretska

Location | Casa do Livro

Posted by:Luís de Oliveira

Through spreading 'The Art of BeYOUtiful'!

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