Feeling exhausted? Full of toxins & with the need to purify your body & mind? This new post is for you!  


First of all, please press PLAY! Then, do not stress as Rihanna, because the “What Now” question is here to be answered in the best beYOUty way with this novel rubric of #DOliveiraFashionBlog!

Just to let you know:

This new rubric – beYOUty – has been on my mind for a few months & nothing better than a #NewYear – & lot of calories intake – to make some #resolutions, right people!?

As you can see, it is not just Louis Vuitton – with the ‪#‎LVSERIES4‬ – & Anne Hathaway – pregnancy?! yah! – or even Hailey Baldwin – dating Justin Bieber – that starts 2016 with big news!

Here at doliveirafashionblog.com, I have also a couple of #surprises through the next months – from #portugalfashion to International Fashion Events – the 1st one is #DFBlogBeYOUty rubric, where you will find everything to make yourself shine even dazzling, full of health & welfare! 

This new year resolution is not just an online proposition, but A REAL MOOD, you know!? I really felt the need to do some healthy changes after those cosmopolitans, cakes or chocolates period!

& so, nothing better than take advantage of my background as Pharmacotherapist & share with you some nice tips to get #beYOUtiful & #fabulous! 


Drinking water is not just marvellous to increase your metabolic rate & satiety – weight loss – but also to make your skin shine. After all, what is a flower without water?! Or what comes from a dry soil?! Well, just cracks and weeds! Translating it to our skin – wrinkles & lots of skin imperfections!


After this party season, it feels like I need to detox & purify everything! What about you? If you are in the same despair, please join me on the vitamin C intake! It is a great antioxidant, induce the production of collagen – which is great for our skin, replacing everything on the right place – & even raise some hormones that rise your happiness! Besides that, as we are on the heart of cold & flu season, it will increase the capacity of your immunity to protect you. So, it is mandatory my fabulous!



Going to the gym, swimming or even walks sometimes are compromised during this season! & start again the routine is very hard – at least I feel that way! But, to put way the season hungover, we must gain strength & start our gym routine! Exercising will help us in everything: made in the morning can help to regulate our sleep cycle; it helps to detox all of the toxins; & it is fabulous to your skin, even to lose wrinkles, DID YOU KNOW??    


On the basis of everything we have the FOOD! With so many diets – from the ‘#AdelgazerPorPuntos’ to South Beach diet – we feel all confused & full of rules. BUT behind all of that, the important is: EAT LESS BUT FREQUENTLY, like from 3 to 3 hours!

Like that my fabulous, we will overcome the season hungover in the best healthy & glamorous way!

To finish,

Feel the #BeYOUty | #BeYOU, #EatHealthy & Take Care of Yourself

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Posted by:Luís de Oliveira

Through doliveirafashionblog.com spreading 'The Art of BeYOUtiful'!

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