From the fabulous Porto City to the Londoner atmosphere in hand, find all you need for a luxurious Christmas!

Welcome to the Fashion Moment where the festive season match the spirit of enjoyment & love!


When it comes to Christmas all is required: the magical feeling, the perfect place & the most beYOUtiful gifts! & Where do we find all of it?! Let’s find out!

Hello my great followers & new ones that are exploring the fabulous world of the Art of #BeYOUtiful! Today, I am sharing all about a PERFECT CHRISTMAS | FESTIVE SEASON!

For me, TRAVEL is one of the keywords! As I am most of the time in Lisbon, fortunately, I will be able to take the road again – or should I say sky?! – to be in my hometown, Porto, where I will meet my fantastic family & all of my childhood friends that at the moment are spread all over the world ❤

In Porto, one of the best places to enjoy is Casa do Livro! As you know, I am the lover of places where vintage plays well with glamour. So, let’s enjoy Christmas Holidays?!


When it comes to gifts, why not combine the Christmas colours with high-quality products while breathing London air?! If so, the SWIG Harris Tweed – Red Flask is the right option!


In the end, LUXURY is the enjoyment of moments & the taste of exclusive experiences as Christmas in Family or with your loved ones, while feeling #BeYOUtiful & #Unique!


Leaving that question on the air, I hope you have a FABULOUS FESTIVE SEASON while having fabulous fashion moments, whatever it is the morning dressing or buying the dreaming gift of your beloved ones!

As you know, with LOVE from D’Oliveira Fashion Blog

#ad #swigflasks
Brands | SWIG Hip Flaks & RQ by Rachel
Styling | Luís de Oliveira | D’Oliveira Fashion Blog
Photography | Roksolana Drogomyretska

Posted by:Luís de Oliveira

Through spreading 'The Art of BeYOUtiful'!

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