Prom, the day we all wait for & the night that takes life to the next level! Know how to embrace it while dressing the most #BeYOUtiful dress.


Through life all of us have that special moments that – by occasion or not – change our reality: the 1st CHANEL, the 1st KISS, the 1st TIME you look into the mirror & say “I am proud of myself”, the PROM night!

Think about the last one, press PLAY & fall for the #beYOUty ahead!

Paloma Faith | Credits VEVO

If you listen the song carefully, you can see how your PROM night can be one of the most life-changing moments of your life: you will say to yourself that it don’t mean a thing, but actually from there on you might leave your home to join university, pursue a career in another city or just be apart of your love & feel that deadly kiss.

At the same time, it will bring to you the freedom for fighting for your dreams & for the life you want to achieve or even find that love that hurts!

& to do so, you must be shining your most #beYOUtiful dazzling light translated in the most irreverent & outstanding dress to make a final statement on the night which will close a life cycle & open new ones!

aisle style
Credits |

 You can choose…

Find at Aisle Style
Find at Aisle Style
Find at Aisle Style
Find at Aisle Style
Find at Aisle Style
Find at Aisle Style

One of the dresses that would make me follow you through the dark is that Golden Shining Dress full of marvellous eye drops & wings made of crystals!

Find at Aisle Style
Find at Aisle Style
Find at Aisle Style

The fringes & transparencies are not just the biggest trends seen from Vera Wang, Valentino or Alberta Ferretti spring summer 2016 shows, but a way of making movement & leaving everyone else thinking about your powerful energy while enjoying the night in which you will be remembered forever & ever.

Feeling pretty both inside & out is what will make your night go bold & enjoyable, because no matter what happens, all you go to remember  is that feeling…

…the feeling of enjoyment…

…that feeling that you are putting something there to be remembered,

since sometimes, “we don’t get old together” & “friends will be friends” even if it means be there time to time…


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