(…) You’ve got me feeling emotions/ Deeper than I’ve ever dreamed of/ You’ve got me feeling emotions/Higher than the heavens above (…)

d’Oliveira fashion
March, 2021


Dear #BeYOUtiful,
This month topic might be controversial. How many of us smiled without feeling it? How many felt pressure to feel good or positive? But, there when stimulated in a genuine way it might do miracles. Right?!
Why I am talking about that? Well, during the first week of March, I asked my Instagram followers to chose between colours, and then, asked them to explain their choice. Surprising, all answers were related to emotions, and….positive ones. So, it became obvious to me that, the theme of the month should be Positive Emotions. In fact, the colours that brought positive emotions and/or feelings were the ones stated in the palette bellow.

Pantone Palette by Luís de Oliveira

When I saw my followers answers, I started a little research about the power of positive emotions. What did I find?

It is reported that positive emotions are a possible mediator of positive changes. It is argued that positive emotions expand people’s attention and cognition, which enables creative problem solving and flexible thinking. Hence, positive emotions broaden a person’s thought and action repertoire, which in their turn build durable, personal, physical, and psychological resources (1).

Talking about positive emotions, let’s not forget that this month we will have Portugal Fashion Week FW20/21. This Portuguese fashion season is called The Sofa Edition & will happen between 18-20 of March. This edition will have two moments – the TAKE 1 will happen now, & the dated regarding TAKE 2 are still to be announced. THE #SOFAEDITION IS ON!!

I hope you like the theme of the month & enjoy these colours! Never forget, Keep #BeYOUtiful!

Luís de Oliveira
d’Oliveira fashion blog

PHOTOGRAPHER | João Marcelino

DFBlog | Português

Emoções Positivas

Olá #BeYOUtiful,
O tópico deste mês pode ser controverso. Quantos de nós sorrimos sem sentir? Quantos sentiram pressão para se sentirem bem ou positivos? Contudo, as emoções positivas quando estimuladas de forma genuína podem fazer milagres. Mas, porquê estou a falar sobre isto?! Bem, durante a primeira semana de março, eu pedi aos meus seguidores do Instagram que escolhessem entre duas cores e, em seguida, pedi que explicassem sua escolha. Surpreendentemente, todas as respostas estavam relacionadas as emoções e … emoções positivas. Então, ficou claro para mim que o tema do mês deveria ser Emoções Positivas. Na verdade, as cores que trouxeram emoções e/ou sentimentos positivos foram as que constam da paleta desta carta.
Se ficaram curisos lembrem-se que podem traduzir esta publicação na barra inferior ao fundo da página. Já agora, não se esqueçam que o Portugal Fashion Outono-Inverno 20/21 vai iniciar a 18 de março.
Até à próxima carta e não se esqueçam – Keep #BeYOUtiful.
❤ Luís de Oliveira

(1) Hendriks, T., Schotanus-Dijkstra, M., Graafsma, T. et al. Positive Emotions as a Potential Mediator of a Multi-Component Positive Psychology Intervention Aimed at Increasing Mental Well-Being and Resilience. Int J Appl Posit Psychol 6, 1–21 (2021). https://doi.org/10.1007/s41042-020-00037-5

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