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d’Oliveira fashion
February, 2021


(…)All you need is your own imagination/So use it, that’s what it’s for (that’s what it’s for)/Go inside for your finest inspiration/Your dreams will open the door (open up the door)/It makes no difference if you’re black or white/If you’re a boy or a girl/If the music’s pumping it will give you new life/You’re a superstar(…)

Dear #BeYOUtiful,

February arrived. We continue to face colossal challenges: the crows, fears and reliving long-forgotten lives.

To live better days, I propose we apply what we have been exploring during the last few month, specially in the last one – the senses. Take your deepest senses and let your imagination run wild – build your dreams on strong foundations, give yourself time, touch and feel your clothes, use the colorful palette to transmute emotions and build styles that make you smile and have fun!

Pantone Palette by Luís de Oliveira

Let’s not forget that on 4th February there is the World Cancer Day. We at d’Oliveira fashion will celebrate it with a fashion-related approach to to look good & feel better! Keep tuned as more surprises for you to feel good will rise here.

Meanwhile, as Madonna has said in her song:

“Beauty’s where you find it, not just where you bump and grind it.”

— Madonna, “Vogue” from Madonna’s album ‘I’m Breathless’ released on Warner Bros in 1990

Luís de Oliveira
d’Oliveira fashion blog

PHOTOGRAPHER | João Marcelino

EYE MASK | @aromaseason

DFBlog | Português

Tudo o que precisas é da tua própria imaginação!

Olá BeYOUtiful,

Chegamos a fevereiro e com ele continuamos a enfrentar desafios cada vez maiores. Enfrentamos coroas, medos e revivemos vidas já esquecidas. De forma a vivermos dias melhores, eu proponho que apliquemos o que estivemos a aprofundar nos últimos meses e especialmente no anterior – os sentidos. Pega nos teus sentidos mais profundos e dá asas à imaginação – constrói os teus sonhos em alicerces fortes, dá-te tempo, toca e sente as tuas roupas, usa a palette colorida desde mês para transmutar emoções e constrói estilos que te façam sorrir e divertir!

Não te esqueças, como diz a música da Madonna:

“Beauty’s where you find it Not just where you bump and grind it.”

❤ Luís de Oliveira

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