Unboxing in 5 Minutes with Bakara

Meet BAKARA! Bakara is a premium clothing brand representing perseverance, ambition and resilience of oneself.

Are we wearing our strongest suit?

Fashion has no limits when it comes human’s embodied experiences of self-construction and self-discovery. And so, this identity construction is always – as it should be – explored in movies to build characters, social situations and epochs. This is the first publication of a new rubric that intents to Undressing Cinema. It explores the psychosocial…

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Enjoy & Relax during this Beautification Moment with me! Stating a basic makeup suitable special for men (and for girls if they feel so). Keep #BeYOUtiful ❤ Luís de Oliveira

Do we all need eye contour cream? And which BB cream to use? Is there one for all skin tones? Speaking of tones…have you ever thought about what eyeshadows can be better suited to the colour of your eyes? And how to choose the masks for the eyelashes? Well, I have one thing to say, stay until the end because you won’t regret it. The girls will love it and the boys will too. 🙂

d’Oliveira LOVES

If you are looking for a colourful New Year’s Eve, here is one of my fav clothing pieces! You can BUY HERE!

d’Oliveira LOVES

Embrace the vibrant red vibe & see more here to buy. What better colour for this season?! Right? ❤