Hello #BeYOUtiful! Since the beginning of the times, there was always something about art & body, now we are finally unveiling & might understand why there is a fascination about that. HAVE YOU HEARD? Let’s know how can we use our brain processes to our favour? By the way, you – my medical colleagues – will love to discuss it with me*

Visual art has always been linked to the idea of providing alternative perceptual experiences. Plus, since the beginning of times, it also has been linked to our body not just regarding some cultural traditions & also related to spiritual cults.
What if we discovered that our brain reacts differently to a body painted or dressed in a certain way & to a body casually dressed? Well, my dear, we found that it might be the case:

“By using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) we show that the perception of a body within the context of art leads to a higher activation in the right parietal cortex and the extrastriate cortex bilaterally. Relating this result to concepts from previous research, we suggest that the perception of art is linked to visuo-spatial coding and also motor mapping. In contrast, the higher activity in the ventromedial prefrontal cortex and the primary visual cortex during the perception of a body in a non-artistic frame of reference can be linked to processes of person evaluation.”

Neurocognitive processing of body representations in artistic and photographic images. doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.neuroimage.2012.10.067

Curiously, I – personally – have been noticing that the photos in my Instagram that are more produced & while wearing a piece of cloth with an arty vibe have more likes & comments than photos with casual looks. So, does it means that while wearing clothing with arty patterns & with different shapes makes people see me more as a piece of art & judge less my body? If so, should people with more susceptibility to anxiety, stress or depression related to body disorders be told to wear clothes that make the world percept body in an artistic frame?!
I leave the question in the air for us to discuss. For now, let’s test this theory while wearing some of the amazing looks from Portuguese Fashion Designers?! ūüôā ‚̧

What do you think? It can be funny, right?!

‚̧ Lu√≠s de Oliveira

PHOTOGRAPHER | Tiago de Sousa

Portugal Fashion FW1920
Lisboa Fashion Week FW1516

PORTUGAL FASHION WEEK | Mariana Valdoleiros

DFBlog | Português

Arte ou Humano?

Olá #BeYOUtiful! Desde o início dos tempos que sempre houve algum mistério mágico sobre a relação corpo-arte. Agora, finalmente podemos estar talvez a entender esse fascínio por essa relação intrínseca. Que tal percebermos como podemos usar os nossos processos cerebrais que explicam este fenómeno a nosso favor? A propósito, adorava ler a opinião dos meus colegas médicos/estudantes de medicina.
PS: se quiserem ler o artigo em Portugu√™s cliquem no ‚Äúselecionar idioma‚ÄĚ e escolham ‚ÄúPortugu√™s‚ÄĚ (encontra-se no fundo da p√°gina).
‚̧ Lu√≠s de Oliveira

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