I like to induce reactions in order to understand people mind. But, are they understanding mine when I am wearing this balloon shaped shorts from Eduardo Amorim Atelier?

Nowadays, many say that style is a matter of personality or intention. But, if until now it was directly related to our state of mind, as the studies start to grow in the field of cognition, I start to wonder:

Is there linear causal reasoning made by other people when I wear non-common clothes? Is there an action effect from what I wear on a particular day that covers my true self & so, is there an omission effect?

As I am thinking about these question a light went on & another question arose:

Is that why sportswear is getting into or already is invaded the couture/classic looks?

If so, I am sure it won’t stop here. Our essence is not made only by relaxing moments and luxurious ones – I am giving extreme examples. It is missing a wide range of life experiments between these two.
A recent study from Paul Henne et al, 2019 says that:

Actions generate the outcome through some kind of transfer of force, energy, or oomph, while inactions do not transfer force or energy to the outcome at all…An alternative…on such counterfactual reasoning, people’s causal judgments depend on the consideration of conterfactual alternatives.

Paul Henne et al, 2019, A counterfactual explanation for the action effect in causal judgment | Cognition | Volume 190 | September 2019, Pages 157-164

As a result, is STYLE a generative process?

Linear? NO!

It might translate our state of mind or intentions for the day or even life, BUT set aside our OTHER social interactions, representation, beliefs & even needs as it stated a momento of the day or a fraction of what we are or our conditions. Besides that, what other people perceived might be a representation of their own life experience & not what we intended. Going even further, the perception might be influenced also by what it is omitted in the look or how many times we applying that style for the same intention. In the end, as said on the study above “causal reasoning involves the mental simulation of interacting entities and their perceived vectors”.


Luís de Oliveira
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Eduardo Amorim Atelier

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Estilo. Um processo físico gerador de reações?
Hey #BeYOUtiful, vocês sabem que eu gosto de provocar a mente humana, não só para a entender melhor, como também para promover a consciencialização. Mas será que as pessoas entendem a minha mente quando estou usando, por exemplo, estes calções bem estruturados e ousados – não no sentido mais erótico, mas como quebra que pré-conceitos – do Eduardo Amorim Atelier?
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2 replies on “Style. A physical generative process?

  1. I think you look relaxed but stylish with your cute little sweater. I wear lots of inexpensive cotton leggings in bright colors every day. Despite that I always get compliments. Perhaps the colors make people happy?

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    1. Hello dear friend ❤ Many thanks! It is great to have your feedback on that. Also, I am very happy about your sharing your experience. So, keep doing it & if it is inexpernsive, it is an advantage! Style is a question of personality, not a matter of money! YES! bright colors stimulate our brain in special parts & it results in more attention to that stimulous. So, perhaps, depending on the colour, it really can make people happy ❤

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