SELF – what a strange & complex concept. If at the beginning of times it was almost confined to the simplicity of the body, in these ‘multi-embroidered bodies’ days, the self seems to expand to the cybernetic world while colliding back to the original self. The effect? The dead of the unit – the exact same result of a collision of an atom with an anti-atom! In that way, the French/Portuguese designer Steven Passaro builds his own brand, & today, he is opening his E-Commerce. Have YOU Heard?

Throughout my work I have always looked for that one thing that is constant, a signature. It took me years to realise that life is about changes, that I, as an individual and designer would grow and evolve constantly. In a world where nothing is constant, growth is my fascination, a territory to conquer and master. The collection embodies the first explorations focused on the mind and the multiple bodies we possess. It is based on the work of Gilles Deleuze and his Philosophy of  “Le Pli”

Steven Passaro | Fashion Designer

& so, lets evolve & embrace a new dream that gained material form while observing delightfully Stevens’ new collection. Click HERE.

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Olá #BeYOUtiful! Já ouviram falar do designer de moda Steven Passaro? Pois é! Steven tem origens Francesas e Portuguesas, vivendo neste momento em Londres. Com este perfil, o resultado só pode ser interessante, certo? Querem outra curiosidade fantástica? A produção das suas roupas é Portuguesa 🙂 Well, Steven está a lançar agora a sua loja online e o d’Oliveira foi convidado para divulgar este projeto cheio de caráter e fé na evolução individual e coletiva. Se gostaram, podem sempre traduzir o texto principal para saber mais, se não vamos conversar nos comentários? Ahh, aqui fica o link para a loja online do Steven Passaro:
❤ Luís de Oliveira

PS: My #BeYOUtiful people, please if you are able, contribute even if with a small amount to the maintenance of this page. You can donate through PayPal.

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