Sustainability is the new fashionable black. So much so that the subject was front and centre at the World Economic Forum’s annual Davos gathering. But are brands playing the sustainable game right? This question must be answered by each one of us – fashion bloggers or every costumers – before buying the product. I do associate myself with the best brands on the game, and YOU?

I hope you too!

The global apparel and footwear industry is responsible for around 8 percent of the world’s greenhouse gas emission — almost as much as the total climate impact of the European Union.

Making the Business Case for Sustainability | The Business of Fashion

PLUS, if we talk about other related business as plastic made materials, it is estimated that 2.5 billion coffee cups are thrown away each year in Britain. Of all these cups, only about 1 in 400 can actually be recycled leading to a huge amount of waste filling up bins and landfills 💔 ⁣
Regarding that subject, I am sure that Portugal goes exactly the same way as Britain. We – Portuguese – are big consumers of coffee.

But there are actions that we can take!

Make sure that brands, which claim to be sustainable, really are.
Regarding this very first point, I was recently contacted by a brand that claims to be zero waste. After analysing the products, I found they are made of metal. Well!!! IS IT METAL SUSTAINABLE? Humm…we can use for a long very time, but as soon as we discard it – because with time it will start to oxidize & we won’t be able to use it – it will take years & years to degrade – to be precise, more than 100 years. So, sustainable? NOOO!💔 And so, my answer to them was exactly – “sorry, I am not interested as it doesn’t stand for what it claims”.
…The most interesting is yet to come as in the e-mail they said: “For our collaboration, the benefits you can get: (…) Improve your personal image, by taking action of promoting Eco-friendly concept (…) For example, the US famous influencer Jeffree Star starts to post and sell metal straws for showing his care about the environment (…)” 💔
WELL, dear do I look to be selfish to take advantage while promoting a product that will not just pollute the atmosphere & even might cause health issues to my followers? Hum? Plus, saying that it is sustainable when it is not? Also, do I care if Jeffree Star does will promote you? No, No & No, thanks! Funny, right?

Please, dear Influencers choose the right path!

I did choose mine & gladly accepted the collaboration with BioVita – a truly sustainable brand with a bright conscientiousness about humanity & our planet. The photos you see above are from their food grade silicone, 100% recyclable, collapsible coffee cup & organic cotton pouch/cover.
Just for you to know, I wasn’t paid to write this article or even all the videos or photos taken with the coffee cup, however, the best payment is having the opportunity to make awareness of important subjects like this one while presenting awesome brands that improve our daily basis & life in general. Also, I am seeing that after start using my collapsible coffee cup at the cafeteria of my medical university – Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lisbon – some changes have happened: now we have coffee machines which have the option “no cup” in order for us to start using more sustainable coffee cups & not use the little plastic – not sustainable – ones.

Well, let’s save the planet in style & adding flavour to our tableware?

Luís de Oliveira
d’Oliveira fashion blog

PHOTOGRAPHER | Ricardo Domingos

DFBlog | Português

Olá BeYOUtiful! Bem-vindo a mais um QUELQU’UN MA DIT! Por vezes é necessário falar de assuntos polémicos, não só porque se aconteceram comigo também podem acontecer contigo, mas porque é necessário que as marcas vejam que nós – Influenciadores – também prestamos atenção ao que elas proclamam e que dinheiro não é tudo – pelo menos para mim! Recentemente recusei uma colaboração pois propuseram que promovesse um produto de metal como sendo sustentável, mas vocês sabem…o metal demora 100 anos a degradar. Como se isso já não fosse o suficiente para um NÃO bem altivo, fiquem a saber que os produtos de metal oxidam, produzindo compostos que podem ser prejudiciais à nossa saúde. Por isso, a minha resposta automática foi o tal não! Contudo, existem outras marcas que primam verdadeiramente pela transparência e que pretendem tanto ajudar o nosso dia-a-dia, como pelo menos, não contribuir para que o nosso planeta se deteriore, estou a falar da BIOVITA e do seu copo multi-tamanhos ❤ feito de silicone biodegradável. Pode parecer algo que não faz tanta diferença assim, mas na realidade só o facto de começar a utilizar o copo biodegradável na minha faculdade – Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de Lisboa – curiosamente passado algum tempo passamos a ter disponível nas máquinas de café a opção “sem copo”. E agora?! Heim? Pequenos gestos, grandes mudanças! PS: Agora a BioVita vai lançar copos novas cores fantásticas. Sabias que participei no levantamento de estudo de mercado de forma a saber que cores agradariam mais às pessoas? Pois é! Se não sabias é porque ainda não me segues no instagram, por isso não te esqueças de o fazer | @doliveirafashionblog .
❤ Luís de Oliveira | #TheFashionDoctorPT

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    1. Hey Laura! Many thanks for your comment! I am very happy you feel that way! I know that metal can be recycled, but it can oxidize with time & it might damage the good health of people. Besides that, when it start to oxidize, the metal start to be ugly & there is a hight probability to people dispose it & when they do, it will take a 100 years to be completely degraded. So, it is best for us to stick with materials that we sure that are rapidely & completly biodegraded as this coffee cups made of food grade silicone. ❤


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