Tell me something, girl
Are you happy in this modern world?
Or do you need more?
Is there something else you’re searching for?

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-Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper – Shallow (A Star Is Born)

I am flying through my thoughts here, my #BeYOUtiful! Why are we always searching for a change?! I am sticking now! Sticking to my own way of expression, my own way of feeling & my own way of experience this our modern world. Tell me, boy, are you ready to FEEL this Fragrance – from Origlamour with me?

FEEL is the key-word of perception…

& I keep thinking to myself, why am I longing for change even in the good times?! Or fearing myself when I face the challenge required to conquer my dreams?! Isn’t our brain funny?! Well, it might work as a deep mechanism of self-protection, but why? Right?!
In all of that times, I close my eyes…I breathe & I surround myself with a fragrance that enhances my good mood, that improves my productivity, while at the same time allows me to relax. The formula is called Mister Giordani Oriflame!

But how it is possible, right?

Well, this fragrance Mister Giordani from Origlamour is composed of charming & youthful notes present in the extracts from vetiver, cinnamon, lemon & other citrus compounds. These extracts plus many others are proven by the scientific community to influence our emotions & even our body/physiological responses – e.g. mood, stress, skin temperature, brain activity, working capacity & much more – (1) through inhalation while stimulating the olfactory receptors in our nose & travelling to many brain regions (2). 

Do you need more?

Of course, you need more! It is left to mention the properties, right #BeYOUtiful?!


One of the major compounds of Lemon present in this fragrance is limonene,which is found to stimulate creativity. Also, the prolonged inhalation influences the autonomic nervous system as well as mental & emotional conditions.


This compound, specifically (R)-(-)-Linalool increase positive mood state.


Coumarin is extracted from cinnamon & it is what gives the sweet scent to the perfume. However, the effects of this compound by smelling is not consensual. But, it is believed by some cultures that cinnamon attracts prosper moments. Well, ready to never meet the ground?!


This is the magical plant, from where were extracted compounds that have relaxing & calming properties. Plus, if you meditate –  as I do -this is a great smell for spiritual emergence & to expand consciousness. Plus, improves the working memory.

Is there something else you’re searching for?

I believe YES. Right my #BeYOUtiful!? Let’s fill that void & show you some moments in Lisbon with this bright fragrance from Origlamour!

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Ready to have another lovely day with Mister GIORDANI & make memorable moments?!

I AM! Love, d’Oliveira fashion blog | Luís de Oliveira, #TheFashionDoctorPT

Perfume for Man | Mister Giordani from Origlamour
Photo Credits | Photographer Bruno Carneiro & Chief Creative Officer Luís de Oliveira

#DFBlog | Português

Olá #BeYOUties! Estou aqui a viajar pelos meus pensamentos e pergunto-me o porque de andarmos sempre a procurar por aquele momento sparkling, e quando o atingimos voltamos a mergulhar no precipício de medo e receios, ou então não relaxamos e continuamos na ânsia da procura pelo próximo ‘Mister Big’ – quem é da geração da série ‘O Sexo e a Cidade’ certamente entenderá o que estou a falar. Funny o nosso querido amigo cérebro, right?! Contudo, são nestes momentos, que por vezes, nos damos conta que somos muito mais do que aparentamos e que o nosso tal amiguinho cérebro pode ser mesmo…mesmoooo o tal best friend se soubermos tirar proveito das suas capacidades – e não estou a falar das tradicionais! Por acaso, sabes que o nosso ‘amiguinho’ consegue reavivar memórias, e sensações e emoções através de determinadas fragrâncias?! Pois é! Substâncias como o limoneno, linalol & extratos da planta Vetiver – que estão presentes no Perfume da Origlamour chamado Mister GIORDANI – vão estimular o nosso processo criativo, memória de trabalho e até induzir a boa disposição que precisamos a cada segunda-feira. Convencido(a)? #BeYOUtiful, se não estás, no worries, experimenta e permite-te viver e recordar momentos maravilhosos com o teu Mister GIORDANI! Para mim, o meu one & only!

(1) Saito N, Yamano E, Ishii A, Tanaka M, Nakamura J, Watanabe Y. Involvement of the olfactory system in the induction of anti-fatigue effects by odorants. PLoS One. 2018 Mar 29;13(3):e0195263. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0195263. eCollection 2018.
(2) Yoshiaki S, Asami S, Mai Y, Tomoko T, Hiroko Y, Tomomi M, Miki Hirano; Versatile Psychophysiological Potencies of Essential Oils, when Seen as a Function of Behavioral Task Assigned to the Participants after Inhalation. International Journal of Social Science Studies. doi:

Posted by:Luís de Oliveira

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7 replies on “Call it Another Lovely Day

  1. I bet you smell delicious, Luis! My favorite perfumier is Thierry Mugler. Alien is MY scent – most people ask me what perfume I am wearing. The top note is Jasmine which takes me straight back to Cairo where a charming young man plucked a blossom and put in in my hair.
    Happy New Year my friend.

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    1. Hello my dear friend! It really does & I am applying it almost every single day! So nice! Many thanks for sharing your feelings and memories with me & in the end with us at d’Oliveira Fashion. It is very interesting as perfumes really can recal memories & yours about Jasmine are beautiful & lovely. Did you know that Jasmine can induce an “attentional capture effect in the brain”? It is reported on the scientific paper Neuroimage. 2011 Mar 15;55(2):832-43. doi: 10.1016/j.neuroimage.2010.12.023. Epub 2010 Dec 17

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      1. It is an unusual scent so it makes me feel different/special. It seems to work well with my natural scent so I can’t smell it on me. Finally it makes me feel feminine and sexy. ❤👽

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