Ready to discover the colours & dreams of the fashion designer Áurea Oliveira? You will see that is beyond what is expected! Let me know & enjoy her handmade bikinis!

Once upon a time there was a white house in the dunes, facing the sea. It has a door, seven windows & a wooden balcony painted green. Surrounding the house there was a garden of sand where rise white lilies & a plant which has white, yellow and purple flowers.

in “A Menina do Mar” – Sophia de Mello Breyner Andersen

Likewise, Áurea Oliveira – a fashion designer – is building her dream life full of handmade smiles that shine colours & strength translated in bikinis that evoke an oxymoron – A BRIGHT FUTURE BASED ON A PRIDEFUL PAST.

Meet her vision & how she is building her white house!

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Who is Áurea Oliveira?
Áurea Oliveira is a young but strong woman – from Cabo Verde – full of dreams & who wants to be a start as a fashion designer. Inside myself, I am NiniStar & you can call me just like that

What inspires you to be more than you ever thought possible?
In truth, it is a person very special who I had in my life & in some way I still have. He is my idol, an artist who made me an artist. He taught me to see the world in the most beautiful way…no words to describe him or what he made for me.

How did fashion knock at your door?
Fashion happened in my life in 2013 after concluding high school. To be more precise, after high school I enrolled in a gap year to think about what my soul truly desired when it comes to work & in the end life. Like that, I realised what many times life tried to tell me…that I belong in Fashion. As a result, I enrolled in the degree in Art & Design.

F&F question {what Fashion makes you Feel?}
Fashion awakens my-true-self. It is part of my legacy & my future. Fashion makes me feel part of the history. Through fashion, I can feel the 80’s moves, the 70´s elegance & breath the fresh air of what is about to come.

LalaVsion is your first project in this fascinating world of fashion, right? How did it emerge?
Yes, this is my first official project in fashion. It is a result of many years of dreaming with the fashion world – my passion – & a very well structured plan. I always wanted to have my own brand, where I could reflect my own soul, my values – who I AM!

In three words how you would describe LalaVsion?
Just to think about it makes me cry, but I would say special, different & fearless.

Your collection #SS18 shows a simplicity & bright light which all “it girls” would like to wear. What is the dream factor of this collection?
This collection is about phases, but not cycles. It is about the human evolution & desires. It is made for girls that want to discover her own beauty…the beauty that is revealed by wearing that magical piece, that awakens our true senses through exclusive textiles & colours that warm the heart of each one of us – girls.

As seen in the book “A Menina do Mar” – written by Sophia de Mello Breyner – the morning after a storm is followed by a bright sky & the appearing of mythical characters to enchant the life of a special ‘little’ soul. It is just like the pearls – which you graciously apply to your bikinis made of passion – that translate your storyline into a fairy tale. These pearls have a meaning?
You are right, the pearls really tell a story…I mean, it states the shiny way that I want to live my life: in a bright world full of sand and where I can create smiles & inspire people. The pearls represent my imaginary world!

LalaVsion is a handmade brand. What are the main challenges in this way of approaching fashion?
Yes, it is handmade & the technique is crochet, which is a very delicate approach. It demands patient, time, attention & a good amount of good vibes. Nowadays, it is rare in stores and this is not a bad thing for me! On the contrary! In that way, I can push it forward & use it as being part of the fashion identity of my brand.

Where are available to purchase your bikinis?
People can find my bikinis at my Facebook store (click here) & on Instagram (click here). Keep your eyes there, because I will announce big surprises for all of the girls.

Where do you see yourself in 3 years?
At that time, I want to have an established fruitful brand with stores in many places, with an outstanding career & able to inspire people around the world while making it a better place to live.

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Fashion Designer | Áurea Oliveira

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A Menina do Mar

Olá #BeYOUties!
Assim como na história "A Menina do Mar" de Sophia de Mello Breyner Andersen, Áurea Oliveira está a construir a sua casa feita de sorrisos
de frente para o mar cheio de sonhos, onde vai espalhando pérolas de amor no jardim de areia. Descubram a primeira colecção da nossa estimada 
designer que tem como objetivo mostrar o melhor de cada uma daquelas raparigas, como tu que estás a ler este artigo, mesmo que ainda não o consigas vislumbrar.
Deixa-te perder e encontrar nas cores que Áurea te oferece.
Love, d'Oliveira fashion blog | Luís de Oliveira

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