ShowCASE MODAportugal | Paris Fashion Week Men’s SS18


Tasty, Eclectic & Fun!

and Yes, I am talking about the shows and presentations that our Portuguese people brought to The City of Lights – Paris – in order to fulfil its fashion week with the “made in Portugal” statement and national creativity.

Between many fashion shows, writing deadlines & lots of running [literally], there was a mandatory waypoint – & it wasn’t the Champs-Élysées – the Galerie Perrotin, where Ricardo Andrez – a Portuguese fashion designer – presented his incredible & up forward SS18 collection full of stimulating colours contrasting with pastel ones [you will hear + about it].

Arriving before Ricardo’s presentation at Galerie Perrotin, I could meet other Portuguese designers, brands & press people – who I haven’t had the opportunity to meet in Portugal at that time, funny! right?! hehe – that went all together for the 1st time to Paris under the SHOWCASE MODA PORTUGAL initiative!

In a new world where fashion is an opportunity for new experiences, this initiative allowed time and space to promote a greater encounter: a special group of people sharing the same cultural blood and stating the same strength were attracted by the forces of God, conquering – as before – new oceans and new beginnings.

Like that, Galerie Perrotin embraced, between 23 and 24 of June, the Showcase Moda Portugal, placing in the city of fashion & in our ♥ les portugais to fall in love with!

(well, I did! & YOU?)

Thanks, Ricardo Andrez for inviting & Marisa Guimarães [from Portugal Textil] for a #BeYOUtiful dénouement.

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