Style, what’s the matter?! Find everything you need to know, plus the colours and feelings stated in my style used to attend KENZO SS18 fashion show!


Fashion Shows, Street Styles and lots of girls and boys ready to impress and get impressed. But in the end, who are you? Are you expressing your essence? Or are you playing a meaningless game, where in the grand finale the only thing that it is shown is everything, but yourSELF!

While in Paris –  during Paris Fashion Week Men’s SS18 – observing all the street styles before and after many shows, the sentence from the iconic movie Confessions of a Shopaholic came to my mind:

You do have Street Style, BUT do you have a Genuine Style?

…because, if we look close, everyone is desperate to get the attention from the magazines or web social media by showing up at the shows like this world is not enough – if you know what I mean – leaving their taste & their personality indoors! Like that, if in the beginning – in 1797, in France – the 1st fashion magazine called Les Journal des Dames et des Modes featured good fashion to ladies, NOW those street styles – made to impress – are the ones that influence magazines. So, make sure you are being inspired by the right things and not suffocating into clothes that are not what represent yourself.

In my case, to attend the SS18 fashion show of KENZO, I chose to express fully my personality & the duality present in my life! It was the best moment ever to celebrate my-true-self lights while talking colours through the irreverent and modern bomber jacket – the FW17 collection of Ricardo Andrez – over 20’s style motifs – present in shoes and trousers. Therefore, mixing two epochs and times where fashion’s essence was different. In this way showing that, sometimes, from a collision between the past & present new ways, feelings and breaking norms can be stated; just like the designers of KENZO have done in their SS18 fashion show.

The pallet of colours chosen to orchestrate the style, allowed me to evoke a pleasant extravagant feeling, harmony & fantasy through the jacket; which played marvellously fully with the masculinity & magnificence of black and contrasting with the innocence of white.

Shouldn’t be Fashion about comfort, feelings & personality?!

Well, for me…IT IS, plus much more!

Love, d’Oliveira fashion blog | Luís de Oliveira
Bomber Jacket | Ricardo Andrez
Fashion Show | SS18 KENZO
Photos | Alexis Negrin

Posted by:Luís de Oliveira

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