From my style to a fashion show with a strong soul…“Bleu, bleu, l’amour est bleu…


BLUE. From a mixture of cultures through style to a fashion show with a strong soul, all came from that…“Bleu, bleu, l’amour est bleu…“.

There are moments that we need that special blue. The ‘blue flower’ from Heinrich von Ofterdingen, where during his dreams it is transmuted into the beautiful face of a young woman. Well, this dream changed his life forever. Like that novel, my style had a ‘blue flower‘, but not with a tragic end as happened on the book .

In my story, the flower is my endless beloved shorts from ROSELYN SILVA, which from the day light to the night allowed me to shine two different perspectives on that glamours day at VALDEVEZ FASHION 2016.

D'Oliveira Fashion Blog X ROSELYN SILVA

If you think that it can be used just in a classic way, you must see how I could style it with!

During the day at Valdevez Fashion 2016, I had to cover the fitting in different stores, plus the preparation of the show & models. Then, all that I wanted was to look fresh, funny, charming & young. Well, nothing better then add to it a printed sweatshirt with soft pink & grey tones. In addition, an irreverent necklace – that I brought from Berlin Fashion Week this year – was used to give an unique signature to the style!

My #BeYOUtiful ‘blue flower‘ allowed me to show another side of my-true-self! With a simple touch, I changed shoes and shirt & from that funny stylish boy, I become that charming irreverent man full of will to pursue dreams & discovery fashion in every corner of Arcos de Valdevez, just like the author on the novel discovered poetry everywhere.

As you can see, I pushed further this style with a makeup inspired on the FW16 Fashion Show of Alexandra Moura during last Portugal Fashion, which I was crazy about to have an opportunity to do it & this was the perfect one.

Another particularité present of my style was the collar of the shirt! It was printed inside  in bordeux flowers, giving to it also a romantic statement. Fantastic ROSELYN SILVA! Your designs & african textiles felt amazingly well, just like a natural extension of my skin!

All of that has also the purpose to match the theme of this fashion event – The Sea – where blue embraces all the ocean figures & creates lovely fairy tales…Curious to know more about it?!

…well…“Bleu, bleu, l’amour est bleu…

Keep tuned to know more & #BeYOUtiful,

…withfrom D’Oliveira Fashion Blog

STYLE & WORDS | Luís de Oliveira
PHOTOGRAPHER | Eduardo Antunes from Gazelle Galerie Store
EVENT | Valdevez Fashion 2016

@Credited Press

Posted by:Luís de Oliveira

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8 replies on “Young & BeYOUtiful

    1. Hey Martin! It is great have your feedback! There are key pieces on our wardrobe & this shorts from ROSELYN SILVA is one of them…so versatile, have you seen?! 🙂 Keep in touch 🙂 I liked you page a lot as well 😉


    1. Hallo Donovan! First of all many thanks for follow my blog! I am really happy to hear that! Keep in touch! I just saw your work too & subscribed it! It is nice to have a photographer around here hehe 😉


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