♠ And you know why?!

1st ⇒ It is beautiful & transmit a lot of good feelings!

You know, golden colours vibrate prosperity & richness, so why not try?!

2nd ⇒ The ideal place to store clothes are the ones wide open!!

My fabulous, it is a golden tip! Clothes must breath & hopefully fresh air…not the next night out shirt “perfume”, right??

In the case of our addicting SHOES, stuff it with tissue paper, just enough to make sure they don’t lose their shape – as said Joe Lupo for Vogue.


ties belts scarves

When it comes to sweaters, please don’t hang them!! Pile them up.
Just do it like you see on fabulous stores like Massimo Dutti ♣
Massimo Dutti Store
Massimo Dutti Store

Also, be careful with the sunlight exposition to your open wardrobe! It can damage the colours of your amazing clothes. You do not want one day hang one & see that beautifully piece with some different colour waves!

ohh…don’t forget to reserve a conner for your exuberant warm clothes…you never know if you have a special invitation to escape the winter! ♦

If so, never forget #BeYOUtiul any time & shine your true light…specially if it is a #FashionMoment!



Posted by:Luís de Oliveira

Through doliveirafashionblog.com spreading 'The Art of BeYOUtiful'!

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