Welcome to another #DFBlogHYH rubric! I was at Moda Baião 2015, Have You Heard? Let’s find all out!

Moda Baião 2015
Moda Baião 2015

Crossing the bridge between the OLD & the NEW, where the beautiful mountains  rest on the face of DOURO RIVER & the memories of an ancient Portuguese Culture marked by EÇA DE QUEIRÓS match the futuristic new world of the tourism by Douro Royal Valley Hotel & SPA, there were the proposals for 2015 Fall by the local stores of BAIÃO.

♠ ♥ ♣ 

Moda Baião 2015 | Baião Fashion…

…at first, it may not tell you so much! But, if you look closer you will see that some ideas are coming together: Porto Wine + Douro Valley + Literature + North Portugal. & if you explore this, you will find that North of Portugal is an emerging region on the Fashion World! Baião is integrated in the Porto region, in which is known for the quality and know-how of its textile and clothing industry producing to big international names from the commercial brands to the luxury ones. In fact & more precisely talking about Baião, the FASHION IS NOT A NOVELTY around here!


If last year, I was just booked for one store – Diamante Store – this year, I was booked for two – BeChic & Diamante Stores, who gave me the opportunity to style myself.


After seeing some nice pretty faces on the hairdresser salon , it was time for make up by Rocha Barros Pharmacy, one of the local Pharmacies of Baião! In the end, we were in the best hands, there is not every show that your face is ‘handed‘ by pharmacists specialized in dermopharmacy/cosmetics.


The atmosphere of this event, even during the preparation throughout the fashion show day was contaminated by fresh energy, excitement & humanity. Because, wellness & health is a very large & wide concept, this kind of shows are also important to people with special needs & for them being on a fashion show is something like a complementary therapeutic treatment, and so, as many international fashion shows, Baião Fashion involved this special people & I am SO PROUD FOR MEET THEM & BE SIDE-TO-SIDE!


After the #beYOUtiful moments & great talks with interesting people on the backstage, arrived the time for dressing up…

…& txnaaa here we are!


Carrie Bradshaw | Catwalk Scene
Carrie Bradshaw | Catwalk Scene

As humans we were born to interact, talk, love, make new friends & spread nice feelings, while letting go the anxiety. Well, all of that happened through the day & night. The only anxiety felt was the kind that’s a little more exhilarated than fearful, specially after the moment you face the fashionistas on the catwalk – it is like that moment when Carrie Bradshaw falls on the catwalk & after that all goes with fun & enjoyment, remember that scene???

As you can see #Bellas & #Charming, we were rolling on the catwalk…




So my fabulous, WHAT DO YOU THINK?

In the end, these kind of fashion shows can expose to you how use clothes & match them in order to build up a marvellous style for special occasions & inclusively for a comfortable daily life…


Let’s try watch live next year & enjoy Baião at it’s best???

Well, I will be waiting for you!

Never forget | #BeWild #NOTregular

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