This publication was the way that D’Oliveira Fashion Blog originally came to LIFE in August 2013! It is about a Double Fabulous duet that always had inspired me & so another reason to transfer it to my new page! Let’s read my fabulous?!
Fátima Lopes & Tom Ford
Fátima Lopes & Tom Ford

Here they are!! The most fabulous inspiring fashion designers or at least the ones that goes to my mind more frequently: Fátima Lopes & Tom Ford.

Starting my Fashion Blog without talking about this double fabulous fashion designers could be comparable to a beautiful dress on a dark lonely wardrobe, and even that is discussable. But, let’s just focus…

If in one hand we have The most superb Woman in the context of fashion, in the other hand there is The Man of the fashion world.

Fátima Lopes comes from my country, Portugal, more specifically island of Madeira. Since an early age, she showed an interest in fashion. However, just after some years of tourism guide, Lisbon, “Versos”, “Fátima Lopes”, Paris and many bags & shoes, she finally had the world on her or literally on her bikini, made out of gold and diamonds, with an estimated value of one million dollars – Oh Yes!! Herself on a catwalk in Paris wearing the world’s most expensive bikini. After that came for her Los Angeles, as well as the Portuguese football World Cup team.

Now, Tom Ford or if you want Thomas Carlyle Ford. This fantastic designer – between other many attributes – was born in Austin, Texas. He had some places (and by that, I really mean places): Houston, Santa Fe, New York City and Paris. Between this places, his academic life happened likewise. So, for first he studied art history at New York University, then Ford began studying interior architecture at The New School’s famous art and design college, Parsons The New School for Design. In here, he spent his final year studying fashion, but nonetheless graduated with a degree in architecture. Between other movements in life, this amazing professional worked for Gucci, YSL. Also, he has done a brilliant work within the movie A Single Man (2009). For now, Tom Ford has his own tantalizing brand.

So, impressed with this two?! Do not be! They are still standing for much more, and so do I!

Have a fabulous week and do not forget Be Bold Not Regular 

Luís D’Oliveira

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