We used to live on a planet where our identity was blurred by a constant and frenetic influence of other humans, surroundings and by our own basic emotions.

Words, actions, cold, hot, fear, happiness, failure, victories, sounds of a mechanistic society used to place us in a state of lack perception of our thoughts, heart and body – making us an empty body that can’t feel a thing. As a result, we believed to be what the external world said what we were.

In the past two months, we were placed in mandatory isolation which took “all what we had”. There, as humans, we strive to preserve & regulate ourselves – and that meant keep being in a safe place where the external world could keep telling us what we are. It is not a surprise why the videos & lives rose on Instagram and why TikTok is now a hit. Doing that, we could keep our additive reward of the fake notion of being loved, strong and relevant…one more time, we were “layin’ it at Your feet” – by that I mean the external world.

During the last few weeks, I have noticed that people started to be aware that “The only thing that matters now is everything”. Lives on Instagram are now more silent and we are starting to develop the notion of coherence not just between the communication of our heart-mind-actions, but as well as acknowledging the need for social coherence. As a result, this May – at d’Oliveira fashion – we are striving for more stillness.

Stillness is about access to your heart’s intelligence, energize your system and restore balance. Stillness is about living in the moment & presents itself as a form of cure and time that we all need to recognize that we are nature and as so, we are an expression of our mother planet and universe transforming itself. The question is – are we ready to give the next step towards the higher conscience of how are we transforming it?!

To do it so, during this month we are promoting self-exploration, coherence and creating transformative outcomes while exploring colours, looks, accessories, lifestyle and techniques that will promote it in the most fashionable way.

Are you ready to do this journey with us?

Luís de Oliveira
Founder & Chief Creative Officer

Stillness | João Marcelino & Luís de Oliveira
PLEXUS | Sergey Vinogradov

DFBlog | Português


A quietude é sobre o acesso à inteligência do seu coração…é sobre energizar o seu organismo e restaurar o equilíbrio. A quietude é viver no momento e apresenta-se como uma forma de cura e de tempo que todos precisamos para reconhecer que somos natureza e, portanto, somos uma expressão do nosso planeta e universo, e mais uma forma pela qual estes se transformam. A questão é: estamos prontos para dar o próximo passo em direção à consciência mais elevada de como a estamos transformar?!
Para isso, durante este mês, estamos a promover a auto-reflexão, a coerência e a criação de resultados transformadores, enquanto exploramos cores, looks, acessórios, estilo de vida e técnicas.
Pronto(a) para fazer esta jornada conosco?
❤ Luís de Oliveira

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